Stretch Marks Not Only Affect Women
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Stretch Marks Not Only Affect Women

Stretch marks can appear as raised, red marks on the skin that often make a person self-conscious. Stretch marks not only affect women. Men are just as likely to get these unsightly marks. However, the marks can be made to disappear, with a little effort and some help from anti-aging ointments.

There are many reasons that are believed to contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. For example, many men see these marks appear when they put on weight rapidly. It is mainly the result of building up of muscles, which can be directly attributed to topical steroids. Then, there are some men who are just genetically prone to have stretch marks.

Stretch marks can be an eye sore: although they seldom actually hurt, they can cause confidence issues. It’s been widely believed that men are becoming more self-conscious of his appearance these days, which can often lead to a problem in his personal relationships.

Many men may simply hate having these marks as they are, most often, considered as feminine signs. The good news is, there are ways in which you can counter these problems.

Fade Stretch Marks with a Skin Routine

The way you care for your skin is going to be a huge factor in just how well your stretch marks fade with time, plus how dominant these are to the eye.

There are a few steps that every man needs to follow in order to ensure his skin is healthy.

  • Keep the skin moisturized with Vitamin C

Studies have shown that stretch marks can be made to disappear with proper skin care routine. The best method in these regards is to exfoliate the skin, especially in the problem areas with stretch marks, a few times per week.

It is best not to repeating the steps as overuse of this method can cause redness and irritation. Afterwards, you can choose to apply a moisturizing cream that is going to contain a ton of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Most skin creams that are made for stretch marks are going to contain these two vitamins: these are very powerful moisturizers.

This is a step that you are going to have to follow every night, and the stretch marks will be gone forever just in a couple of months. The longer you follow the practice, the more likely you are to see the stretch marks fading.

Utilize Laser Therapies on the Market

One of the latest ways in which you can win your battle against stretch marks is through the use of laser therapies.

There are several methods that these lasers can utilize:

  • A combination of the two methods

Though lasers are relatively new to the market, they are becoming a clear favorite with men in terms of removing stretch marks. According to Patient’s Guide, stretch marks are very common, yet lasers have proven more effective in minimizing– and ultimately fading these stretch marks from sight.

The Excimer laser procedure, for example, is a method of changing the color of the stretch mark in order to match the rest of the surrounding skin. The melatonin gets affected with the use of this type of laser procedure. With the Pulsed Dye laser procedure, on the other hand, the laser is used to stimulate the collagen and elastin in the skin, ultimately reshaping the dermis in order to get the stretch mark to fade.

Many men have also found that they have to use a combination of skin laser therapies as some locations respond better to one type of laser or another.

Treat Yourself and Relax with a Massage

A method that is being bragged about by many people is the use of massage. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best non-photo-medicine methods for fading and ultimately eliminating stretch marks in men.

Treat Yourself and Relax with a MassageThere are a few types that will work:

  • Massage by a professional

Massage has been used for centuries as a way to relax, but this is also known to contribute to fading of stretch marks. The good news is that any man can give himself a massage to help stimulate the fading of these nasty marks.

The idea is to increase the blood flow to the area, so when applying moisturizers or the like, you may need to simply rub the area for a bit longer to gain the full benefits of the massage. Of course, those who wish for massage to help them even more will need a professional that can provide them with the type of pressure their skin needs, in order to start seeing results.

Even better, the healing of stretch marks is contributed to an Endermologie massage that utilizes a roller to massage the deep tissues found within the body. This is known for speeding up the process of healing, making stretch marks disappear even faster.

Stretch marks do not have to rule your life. With the use of a proper skin routine that is full of moisturizers you can start to see these stretch marks disappear in no time. Regardless of the method utilized, it will take a few courses of treatment before these marks are completely gone. Laser treatments even take a few appointments to help you see results.

Stretch Marks Not Only Affect Women
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