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Super Bowl Snacks Under 100 Calories

Super Bowl is one of the most watched television programs in the United States and Canada, bringing friends and family together to cheer on their favorite teams. Houses are filled with rowdy football fans with painted faces and a need for beer and snacks. But this single evening’s entertainment can be quite destructive to one’s diet, considering the gut-busting grub that is usually on display during the big game: greasy nachos, deep fried chicken wings, salsa, chips and dip and a host of other delicious yet unhealthy nibbles.

But the most watched show of the year doesn’t have to ruin your diet; the snacks you prepare don’t have to go straight to your hips. Here are five healthy snacks that are less than 100 calories each.


The Italian favorite is an ideal snack for any of your football-crazed guests, and it is very easy to make. Start by slicing a baguette. Then, pour a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil over the bread and season with oregano, salt, pepper and any other seasoning you prefer. Top this all off with diced tomatoes and voila! You have a nice healthy alternative to giant submarine sandwiches that will still fill up your guests’ bellies.

If you would like to add a little extra flavor to your dish, you can add some cottage cheese to the mix. Sure, the calorie count does increase, but at least cottage cheese is a healthy alternative to the liquid cheese that comes with your nachos!


Bruschetta’s long lost brother, crostini is a slight variation on the classic Mediterranean appetizer. Crostini differs slightly from bruschetta, but they both share the same base: baguette and olive oil. Start by slicing a baguette and topping it off with goat cheese. Add sliced olives, fresh dill, extra virgin olive oil and seasoning to taste, and you have two bread-based snacks to help your guests soak up all that beer.


Pecans, although more expensive than peanuts, supply your guests with their salt needs. Instead of putting out a bag of potato chips for your guests, give them these healthy nuts (salted or not). Two tablespoons of pecans is only 65 calories, so dig in! Even if your guests over-do it on the nuts at least it won’t ruin their diets (if they have one!).

Light beer

No Super Bowl party is complete without a hefty dose of beer. But just because everyone wants a bottle of suds for the game, it doesn’t mean you have to pack on the calories just to drink it. Miller Genuine Draft 64 is a light beer that is designed for beer drinkers who are trying to keep tabs on their calories. As the name suggests, Miller Genuine Draft 64 has a mere 64 calories per bottle. Not only is it a light beer regarding alcohol content, but it truly is a light beer in regards to calories as well, which is rare since most light beers are only “light” in booze and not calories.