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Find Out More About Super Foods

What are “super foods”…and why should I care? You might as well ask a similar question: “What is clean air…and why should I care?” Both questions have the same or similar answers.

Most often referred to as “quality of life”; and if by taking a few simple steps you could dramatically improve that quality, wouldn’t it be kind of silly to ignore those very steps?

If you live in an area that announces the daily “air quality index” and frequently advises “staying indoors—in a ‘hepa filtered environment’” your options may already be severely restricted. You can uproot your family and “head for the hills” or a more rural environment; or, you can accept the prospect of ongoing breathing problems.

If breathing is not your problem, but a healthy diet is, the answers there may be a simple as a trip to the farmer’s market. Do a quick search for “super foods”.

Do several searches as I did, and you will eventually end up with the “basic lists of 14″ plus the one that includes CHOCOLATE–dark chocolate, but chocolate none-the-less.

The Top 14 Nutrient Dense Foods

Ongoing dietary research recommends 14 different, nutrient-dense foods, that very strongly promote good overall health. Coined “superfoods,” they tend to be lower in calories, higher in levels of vitamins and minerals, and contain many disease-fighting antioxidants.

A diet built primarily, though not necessarily exclusively, around these super foods virtually guarantees a rapid improvement in your quality of life…improved digestion, higher energy levels, lowered blood pressure, the list goes on; but you get the idea.

And just what are these “mysterious, exotic” super foods, you ask?

  1. Beans—Practically any legume fits the bill.
  2. Berries—All are good; blueberries are best.
  3. Broccoli—No surprise here.
  4. Green Tea—Would Oprah lie to you?
  5. Nuts—Walnuts leading the list.
  6. Oranges—And almost all citrus fruits.
  7. Pumpkin—Pie anyone?
  8. Salmon—The wilder the better. Farms are for cows.
  9. Soy—May need to re-think this one; but I may be the only “tofu-phobe” on the planet.
  10. Spinach—Mom and Popeye were right all along.
  11. Tomatoes—You say tomahto…I say tomato.
  12. Turkey—It’s not just for Thanksgiving any more.
  13. Whole grains and oats—The more grains the better.
  14. Yogurt—An acquired taste. Personally, I’m still acquiring.
  15. CHOCOLATE—Dark, but still CHOCOLATE!

Did I mention CHOCOLATE?

And just what improvements to my quality of life can I expect from such “super foods”?  They warrant a list of their own:

  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Diabetes—Reversed and/or controlled
  • Alzheimer’s—Reduced or eliminated.
  • Energy levels—Increased.
  • Mood Swings—A thing of the past.
  • Fatigue—Delayed till bedtime
  • Bone and muscles—Improved tone and function
  • Immune System—Strengthened
  • Spirits—Watch them soar when you fit into your clothes again.

Superfoods can be the basis of a sound, healthy, nutritious lifestyle. Two weeks, or less, will be all the proof you need.

Find Out More About Super Foods
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