Supplements and Cooking

Supplements and Cooking

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A Few Words About Supplements

Nowadays there are all kinds of power boosters, muscle builders and so on. However, you don’t need this. The classic supplements that we recommend are creatine, protein, amino acids and glutamine. Read below what each of these is all about.

Creatine – The famous strength booster, that has been popular for the last 60 years. It comes in various forms, but the safest, most effective (and funny enough – the cheapest) form of creatine is creatine monohydrate. Every day after workout take 5g of creatine along with a glass of water and some carbs. All the formulas that people are trying to sell you work just as well, or even worse.

Protein – The protein powder is irreplaceable sometimes. It is convenient, tasty, healthy and fast-acting. This is just what you need after a workout. It will give you better gains, and faster recovery.

Amino Acids – These are the building blocks of the proteins. They are absorbed in seconds after ingestion, which makes them a great addition to the protein after workout. However, they are relatively expensive. If you want only the best, take both a protein and amino acids. If you want more bang for your money, get only a protein powder.

Glutamine – This is one of the most important aminoacids in the human body. This is why it is a separate supplement. The concentration of glutamine in the human body is crucial to good muscle gains. However, if you eat right, you will have a good concentration of glutamine anyway.

Buying these supplements is optional. You can have good gains without them. However, if you want to gain muscle fast, you are free to get some. These supplements are harmless, although some people don’t share this opinion.

Everyone can cook!

If you want to get good results from working out, you have to go on a diet. Usually, it gets too boring eating the same foods over and over again. And since we’re men, it’s hard to learn to cook a new meal. So if there’s noone to cook for you, you’re in trouble.

Actually, it is not that hard. You don’t need to be a master cook to make a delicious meal. But keep in mind you can easily become one. Yes, that’s right. Some of the best cooks I know are bodybuilding junkies. You have to love to eat. There simply isn’t any other way.

Nobody gets to eat as much food as people who are working out every day. Three workouts per week is also quite a lot. When you put in consideration that your body needs to recover from the workout, you still need tons of food to satisfy your body. At this point, learning how to cook becomes a must. Because in the end you’re either going to be cooking fantastic meals, or you’ll go crazy eating the same foods all the time.

Think of it this way – food is what makes you healthy, food is what makes you strong… food is what gives you energy and supports your life. Return the favor and discover how to cook. Your girlfriend will love you for that.

It’s easy to start. Personally, I just started with the experiments. Go to the supermarket and buy loads of healthy fitness-friendly foods. Then return home and start cooking. Start off with something easy. For example – we all know how to cook eggs. If you don’t, you don’t get to say you’re working out. Because eggs are the finest food for a fitness junkie. And for all the other people of course.

So just put a few eggs in the frying pan and start with the experiments. Chop some vegetables, put some cheese, some butter, your favorite spice… try new things, but within reason.  Your intuition will guide you all the way. You’ll end up with quite a different meal than the usual eggs you used to eat because you have to. And who knows, maybe you’ll like it.

Then, experiment a little bit more – put something different, remove some ingredient, put a different type of cheese, use olive oil instead of butter… whatever. The main goal is to do something different, because when you’re doing something different you are having fun. And this will give you lots of motivation for the next workout.

Experiment with all the plain meals you CAN cook. After you do such experiments for some time, you’ll eventually gain enough confidence to try something new. And after that, the sky is the limit.

Supplements and Cooking
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