Hypocrisy Regarding Drug Testing
Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutesThe International Olympic Committee’s policy on doping has been instituted partly to protect the athlete’s health; however, high-level athletic competition is often an inherently unhealthy endeavor. If health is a factor then why are certain sports with high injury rates or the potential for serious injury allowed at all? For […]

Hypocrisy Regarding Drug Testing

Amino Acids
Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutesIngestion of 1.5 g of L-arginine and L-Iysine by young adults increased GH concentrations 2.7 -fold at 60 minutes post-consumption, although GH levels were not elevated 30 minutes or 90 minutes after ingestion 19 Ingestion of 1.2 g of arginine and 1.2 g of lysine by males, 15 to 20 […]

Effect of Amino Acid Ingestion on GH Release