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Women Lose Weight Or Get Toned?

Women Lose Weight Or Get Toned?   Recently updated !

The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Women’s Training Revealed! Today I want to discuss the biggest misconceptions I face on a regular basis when assisting women with their fitness goals in the gym! Just changing two or three of these beliefs will have a massive positive impact on your workouts and your results GUARANTEED! So here […]

How to Do Squats Correctly – 3 Myth’s About Squatting

How to Do Squats Correctly – 3 Myth’s About Squatting   Recently updated !

If you’re looking for the most physique-changing exercise in existence, you would arguably be looking at the squat. The squat builds lean muscle on your upper and lower body, burns fat and cranks your metabolism up to that which resembles a champion race horse! But how to do squats correctly? With all of the benefits […]

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10 Things I Learned About Competing as a Male Fitness Model   Recently updated !

So, I just completed my journey towards becoming a competitive male fitness model and placed 4th out of 12 at the Miami Pro Championships on April 1st 2012 in my very first fitness competition. It’s a couple of months after the show and upon reflection, I want to share with you some of  the valuable […]

List of Essential Oils

List of Essential Oils   Recently updated !

Essential oils are very concentrated essences from plants. Like herbs and foods, their energy properties are multi-leveled, and therefore can be very beneficial to the holistic care and maintenance of your body. Oil Description Angelica Release and let go of negative feelings Basil Respiratory system, mental concentration Bergamot Skin infections Birch (Wintergreen) Internal lymphatic cleansing, […]

Getting to the Core of the Matter

Getting to the Core of the Matter

“Can you pinch an inch?” That was the popular slogan once used by a cereal company to promote their product which could be used to help people lose weight. Basically, the slogan meant if you can pinch more than an inch around your abdomen, you need to lose weight. That’s not a bad rule of […]

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Build Muscle and Burn Fat

When most people first sign up to the gym with visions to build muscle fast, they often go with the hopes of achieving big muscles and rippling abs like those seen in the health/bodybuilding magazines. They want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Unfortunately, the majority of the public is unaware […]

The Top 4 Fitness Books and Programs

The Top 4 Fitness Books and Programs

It’s not exactly a secret that the health and fitness industry is one of the most misleading and misinforming markets – Fitness books, supplements, pills, programs etc you name it and they are normally designed part you from your cash without actually help you getting any closer to your goals. This means that you’ll go […]

The Basics Of Bulking Up

Chest Exercises for Men: Get Your V Shape Back

One of the top areas that men focus on building is the chest, and several specific chest exercises for men can help you develop this stubborn area. Having a well-developed chest makes your body look proportionately larger with a “V” shape that minimizes other areas that tend to affect hardgainers. Working on your chest doesn’t […]

Muscle Building Nutrition – Macro Nutrients

Muscle Building Nutrition – Macro Nutrients

Something equally important as knowing how many total calories you require for your goal, is your fat loss or muscle building nutrition ratio – In other words, what those calories consist of. Now that you know how many calories that you need to eat in total to reach your goal (if you don’t know, use […]