Safe Weight Loss and Carbohydrates - Safe Weight Loss and Fat
Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutesSafe weight loss and carbohydrates go together. Carbohydrates tend to be the most varied of the food groups. Too many carbohydrates consumed will trigger excess insulin secreted into your bloodstream which causes the body to store fat. As a result, some safe weight loss programs tend to isolate carbohydrates as […]

Safe Weight Loss and Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein

How Carbohydrates are Beneficial
Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutesCarbohydrates are the primary macronutrient ingested in most athletes’ diets. When carbohydrates are ingested, they are broken down into glucose and enter the bloodstream. The body uses blood glucose and stored muscle glycogen for energy during exercise. As the duration of exercise increases, more blood glucose and less muscle glycogen […]

How Carbohydrates are Beneficial