Cardio Workout

Fat Burning Workouts - Aerobic Threshold

Fat Burning Workouts – Aerobic Threshold

This is a low intensity cardio workout that can be modified to suit a beginner, intermediate and an advanced trainee. The aim is to keep you in your ‘fat burn zone’ and to have you burning a higher percentage of fat calories whilst increasing your aerobic fitness. If you have had no exercise or cardio […]

Women Lose Weight Or Get Toned?

Women Lose Weight Or Get Toned?

The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Women’s Training Revealed! Today I want to discuss the biggest misconceptions I face on a regular basis when assisting women with their fitness goals in the gym! Just changing two or three of these beliefs will have a massive positive impact on your workouts and your results GUARANTEED! So here […]

Tabata Intervals Training Workout

Tabata Protocol: Interval Training Workout

WARNING: Tabata protocol, or Tabata intervals training, is not fun – especially if you’re doing it at the proper intensity. However, there is a bright side. It can offer you dramatic benefits with just 4 minutes of working out, and just a few times a week – said benefits include both increases in cardiovascular and […]

Pilates & Cardio Workout Plan

Pilates & Cardio Workout Plan

Overview Combining Pilates exercise for alignment, core awareness, flexibility and muscle strength with regular cardiovascular training, will guarantee you long lean muscles and a great body. This workout is inspired by P90X DVD workouts. Materials Mat + Elastic Band (Heavy Weight- Blue) Recommendations Commit to do this workout 3 times a week for 4 weeks. […]

Jump Rope Workout Guide

The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout Guide

With the cooler weather sneaking up on us, a lot of people are turning to the indoors for their workout routines. A jump rope workout is great for the indoors. You don’t need much space, just make sure you don’t get it wrapped around the TV and pull it off the wall or anything. Just […]

Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building

Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building

The Nick Jonas Workout – Juggling Diabetes and Muscle Building – At age 7 when most of his peers were doing whatever it is that most 7 year olds do when they’re not in school, Nick Jonas was carving out a career for himself on Broadway.  By age 10 he’d already co-written his first song, […]

Bodybuilding Tips - What Does a Great Bodybuilding Routine Look Like?

Great Cardio Bodybuilding Training Tips to Get the Weight Off

Cardio has a very specific role to play in a bodybuilding development plan that will result in a muscular and well sculpted body.  Before you accelerate a program of bulking up, it is important to trim down your body fat to under 10% so your muscle building program will begin with a lean base of […]