Creatine Formula

What Is Creatine?

Creatine was, is, and will always be a natural constituent of the skeletal muscle. It was given considerable attention when world-class athletes began using them to enhance physical performance. Its importance in skeletal muscles was discovered practically two centuries past when Michel-Eugene Chevreul, a French scientist discovered an element from the skeletal muscle and gave […]

Unbiased No Shotgun Review (No Sales Pitch or Links!)
Muscle Supplements

Unbiased No Shotgun Review (No Product Pitch or Affiliate Link!)

Unbiased No Shotgun Review – VPX NO Shotgun contains caffeine, creatine, glutamine, arginine, branch amino acids and beta-Alanine. Caffeine serves as a stimulant to give you that energy boost that is needed for a longer work out session. The ethyl esther compounds are included to increase absorption of the other ingredients to the bloodstream ensuring that […]