Muscle Building Explained

Muscle Building Explained   Recently updated !

Muscle building is actually the process of creating muscle tissues by performing exercises as well as framing ones diet regime to achieve extra muscular mass. People may undergo this procedure for the purpose of their own improvement, entertainment or even competing in sports. There are lots of ways in which one can get a muscular […]

Muscle Gain Diet

Muscle Gain Diet   Recently updated !

If you were to think about how a muscle gain diet looks like, you will probably say that you will need to eat huge quantities of meat and help yourself with some protein powder. In fact, a diet that will help you build muscles should not be that different from any other diet – meaning that it should be diversified, in […]

Creatine Is It Worth The Hype

Creatine: Is it worth the hype?

Unless you’ve been living in seclusion, you have most likely heard of the nutritional supplement creatine. The use of creatine as a performance enhancer was first popularized after the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, and testimonies by Mark McGuire and many other professional athletes have made creatine use extremely popular in the United States. Creatine […]

Amino acids And Their Role in Synthesis Of Creatine

Amino Acids and Their Role in Synthesis of Creatine

During the early 20th century it was first observed that not all of the creatine ingested by animals and humans could be recovered in the urine as creatinine. This suggested that some of the creatine was retained in the body. Folin and Denis were among the first to determine that the creatine content of the […]

How To Build Muscle Fast – 5 Special Tips

How To Build Muscle Fast – 5 Special Tips

Introduction: Two of the most frequently-asked questions I get are, “How can I build muscle fast?”, and, “How long does it take to build muscle?” And it really doesn’t take a genius to notice how truly confused some people about these topics. Indeed, there’s so much confusing and contradicting information out there about how to reach […]

The Best Body Building Supplements For Gaining Weight

The Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Gaining Weight

For those who are looking for the best bodybuilding supplements for gaining weight, you will have many different options to choose from. There are powders, shakes, and pills all waiting for you to give them a try. When it comes to building up your body and toning up your muscles, the whole process is sure […]

Amino Acids Used to Decrease Incidence of Overtraining

Amino Acids Used to Decrease Incidence of Overtraining

Several amino acids have been theorized to help decrease the incidence of overtraining. As stated earlier, BCAA supplementation before and/or during exercise has been suggested to be an effective nutritional strategy to delay the onset of central fatigue. Although there is strong theoretical rationale to support the potential use of BCAAs as an ergogenic aid, […]