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Involuntary Weight Loss – Sudden Weight Loss

Involuntary Weight Loss – Sudden Weight Loss

The hallmark of catabolic Involuntary Weight Loss (IWL) is the massive depletion of lean body tissue, which includes muscles, internal organ tissues, blood cells and intracellular and extracellular water. Cancer cachexia and AIDS wasting are but two examples of particularly devastating forms of IWL that compromise quality of life, decrease survival and increase complications and […]

Back Pain Exercises: Say Goodbye To Chronic Back Pain

Back Workouts – Important To Understand How Much You Can Do

Back workouts are an essential yet often neglected part of many people’s exercise regimen. The trend today is to focus on the chest workout or to aim for monster-sized arms or rock hard abs. Back workouts are not just important for cosmetic reasons. The back bears the burden of much of what people do everyday. It […]

Dieting for a Six Pack

Fastest Way to Get a Six Pack

Discovering the fastest way to get a six pack has recently become something close to an obsession for many women and men, whether it comes out of a need to boost their self-confidence or out of the human need to be admired and appreciated. Let us face it, who wouldn’t admire a beautiful fit body, […]

Exercise at Home - Choosing Exercise Equipment

Exercise at Home: Choosing the right Exercise Equipment

There several ways to go about starting a exercise at home program. Depending on your time, space and budget you can easily design several home exercise workout programs that can be rotated on a daily basis. Exercise at home: Dumbbells and Barbells One of the easiest ways to exercise at home is to purchase some free weights […]

Getting older is inevitable. However, growing old is optional!

Getting older is inevitable. However, growing old is optional!

With your first grey hair often comes the startling realization that you are not going to live forever. Of course, you have always known that life is finite that all of us must “check out” at some stage but when we see the first signs of growing older we often get a wake-up call about […]

Tendinitis Hand Exercises

Hand Exercises

The hand is part of the body which is frequently neglected when it comes to exercise, but there are many good reasons why you should pay attention to the muscular development of this portion of your physique, too. Though other exercises may have a slight effect in building the sinews of the hand, fingers, and […]