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4 Steps to Help You Stick to Your 2017 New Year’s Fitness Goals

It never ceases to amaze us how predictable the first few months of the year are for the fitness industry. It only takes a 5 minute visit to your local fitness center to see scores of recently-initiated gym members that are just mere seconds away from experiencing a debilitating injury or on the teetering edge […]

Sweating Too Much During Exercise

Sweating Too Much During Exercise

If you’re like most people, you think that the more you sweat when you work out the more weight you will lose. You’ve seen those people at the gym or out jogging, you know the ones, wearing rubber suits or extra sweatshirts in the hot sun to lose a few extra pounds. Believe it or […]

CrossFit Research

CrossFit research finds that it “works”

The latest CrossFit research was conducted at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), a non-profit organization, sponsored the study. Its findings were published in the November edition of ACE’s online monthly publication. The study looked at the metabolic effects of two official Crossfit workouts. The study utilized 16 healthy male […]

Vince McMahon Supplements

Vince McMahon Supplements – Keep WWE Wrestlers In Shape

The Vince McMahon Supplements Story: Keep WWE Wrestlers In Shape He might be a businessman first and foremost but WWE CEO and owner Vince McMahon is also no slouch when it comes to taking a more active role in the sport he loves. Initially discouraged by his father from becoming a pro wrestler, Vince McMahon […]

The High Performance Handbook

How To Be Fit And In Shape At The Office

When you wake up in the morning, chances are you have already thought about the day, planning on what you’ll wear or mentally preparing for the meetings or presentations you’ll give. If you’re really thinking ahead, you’ve even figured out when you’ll get your workout in. But what happens if you’ve run out of time […]

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Broscience vs Science – Who’s Side Are You On?

The landscape of fitness lately is moving along faster than I can ever remember. So fast, in fact, that today it serves as my inspiration for the content of this post. With us now knowing more and more (or at least we think) about the human body than we ever have in the past, you’d […]

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

When it comes to displaying a beautiful pair of six pack abs, many people want them, but few can obtain them. However, the reason why everybody isn’t walking around with that sleek, ripped look is not what you think. Genetics has nothing to do with it. That’s according to fitness trainer and nutritionist Mike Geary. […]

Jump Rope Workout Guide

The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout Guide

With the cooler weather sneaking up on us, a lot of people are turning to the indoors for their workout routines. A jump rope workout is great for the indoors. You don’t need much space, just make sure you don’t get it wrapped around the TV and pull it off the wall or anything. Just […]

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How to Work Out at Most Gyms for FREE!

So I got the idea for this article recently because I moved across country and I am looking to join a new gym. As I perused Google Maps to locate nearby gyms, I realized that I wanted to research as much as possible before eventually joining a gym, because I have been burned before. Have […]

Obesity is an alarming epidemic in the world

Obesity is an alarming epidemic in the world

Overview of why obesity is an alarming epidemic in the world. If you take a close look at the media, it is easy to see that at the present time, many experts call obesity as the “silent killer” on the planet. In order to see how it corresponds to the truth, let’s look at the […]