Exercise Induced Changes in Body Fluids

Exercise Induced Changes in Body Fluids

Of all the exercise-induced body fluid changes during exercise, decreases in vascular blood volume during rhythmic or endurance exercise are of greatest concern. Types of exercises that make use of large muscle groups for a period of time (e.g., running, cycling, walking, swimming) have been the most well researched, with varying results. During some types […]

CrossFit Research

CrossFit research finds that it “works”

The latest CrossFit research was conducted at the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse. The American Council on Exercise (ACE), a non-profit organization, sponsored the study. Its findings were published in the November edition of ACE’s online monthly publication. The study looked at the metabolic effects of two official Crossfit workouts. The study utilized 16 healthy male […]

Workout Guides

Build Muscle and Burn Fat

When most people first sign up to the gym with visions to build muscle fast, they often go with the hopes of achieving big muscles and rippling abs like those seen in the health/bodybuilding magazines. They want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Unfortunately, the majority of the public is unaware […]