The Quick Vitamin Guide for Beginners

The Quick Vitamin Guide for Beginners   Recently updated !

Most of us know that we need vitamins to be healthier but how many of us know which ones are most important and how we obtain them? Vitamins and minerals are essential to help your organs perform their various tasks at the optimum levels. A lack of these essential nutrients will result in a variety […]

Probiotics Benefits and Side Effects

Probiotics Benefits and Side Effects   Recently updated !

Surely by now you’ve all heard of probiotic supplements.  For many years we’ve been hearing about how important it is to eat our yogurt as well as other fermented dairy products.  But probiotic supplements were largely unheard of.  Today,  you can’t turn on the TV for more than 5 minutes without seeing the Phillips “Colon […]

Lose Fat Gain Muscle – Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Lose Fat Gain Muscle – Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle   Recently updated !

If you are one of the persons looking for a weight loss program that is both efficient and does not have side effects, you will have to analyze the details in the multitude of possibilities available on the market. Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle eBook is one of the programs to teach […]

Aloe Vera Plant – Aloe Vera Uses

Aloe Vera Plant – Aloe Vera Uses   Recently updated !

The Aloe Vera plant, also referred to as “Aloe” is known as the burn plant or the first aid plant and has been talked and written about for over 3000 years. These days, it is a basic component in many products from skin care, sun care and hair care products to drinks and juices. Aloe […]

Strained From Inactivity

Strained From Inactivity   Recently updated !

Athletes are not the only people to get injured, but we now see that with the growing population of the work force more and more employees are getting injured due to inactivity or bad posture. As a matter of a fact 80-90% of the U.S. population is affected by lower back pain with treatment costs […]

Workout Guides

Officially Weigh in Once a Week Maximum   Recently updated !

Weighing yourself on a weekly basis can give you a good idea of the progress you’re making.  It will help motivate you if you’re making gains or motivate you even more if you didn’t make your mark that week.  Weight also fluctuates naturally over time, so you’ll want to maintain a consistent schedule. Remember too, […]

Visualize Your Perfect Health – Secrets to Health

Visualize Your Perfect Health – Secrets to Health   Recently updated !

A “Paradigm” simply put is the worldview underlying our beliefs. Our paradigms govern our lives, and therefore it’s important that we bring them under our control. Most of our paradigms were picked up without our conscious choice, and represent our programming. The whole subject of health with its various component parts of diet, exercise, mind […]

Pilates & Cardio Workout Plan

Pilates & Cardio Workout Plan   Recently updated !

Overview Combining Pilates exercise for alignment, core awareness, flexibility and muscle strength with regular cardiovascular training, will guarantee you long lean muscles and a great body. This workout is inspired by P90X DVD workouts. Materials Mat + Elastic Band (Heavy Weight- Blue) Recommendations Commit to do this workout 3 times a week for 4 weeks. […]

Learn how to prevent lower back pain

Learn how to prevent lower back pain   Recently updated !

STOP THE PAIN! Cheryl was satisfied with her workout. She benched her personal best, did a great set of bicep curls, then finished up with a hundred burning ab crunches. When Cheryl returned to work she bent over to pick up a pencil from the floor, and could not straighten her back up. The diagnosis: […]

Possible Exercises You Can Do At Work

Possible Exercises you can do At Work   Recently updated !

Sometimes, we are not really aware of how long we have worked sitting on our desks or in the office until we feel pain in many parts of our body. Muscle pains are a manifestation that our bodies need to rest and re-charge so as to go on with the next tasks. You may find […]