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Taking Ego-Training Out Of The Gym

The “sport” of body-building was created out of the very functioning of our ego’s. We build ourselves in such a way that not even the Lord and Universe could have created and then we are judged on who did the best job, maybe not so much through determination, skills, love and desire. Desire plays a role but at what cost. Is the desire so strong that the worth of your physical and mental health is worth the pain. That’s not really desire, that’s not really passion.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something to say about someone who can challenge themselves to be the best they could be. I’m not taking about going on stage and looking and feeling your best. I’m talking about the various ways, “enhanced” ways which some have decide to take to get there, whether it is body-building or an athletic event.

I love training and the gym. For myself, there’s no greater thrill then pushing myself to the very limits my body is capable of. Taking myself beyond that limit. It’s a natural drug; a high of life. Doing it through a holistic lifestyle, eating lot’s of plant based foods and being in a strong position to share that knowledge and experience with others keeps me going everyday to be the best I can be.

The greatest way to look at how much and how far you can go is not looking at the other guy, not to put yourself in a “box”. Ego, if anything causes disappointment because there will never be a point of which you can completely be satisfied with yourself. The want to achieve greatness is a beautiful thing, it’s not something to compete with but encompass onto yourself and others. The various ways of training and eating to support that training is meant to better yourself in every aspect of life, through strong principles and a very strong foundation of knowing what being healthy is.

I applaud the athletes and people who I have come across in my life or those who have further inspired my own growth, and who’s message is as powerful. Athletes like Sherif Kamal, Nathane Jackson and Nick Stern (I strongly recommend you look up), have broken down the traditional stereotypical definition of having beat the best to be the best and at any cost.

The reasoning for doing anything in life is simply loving life. Training should be for the same reason. It’s easy to get caught up for doing anything for all the wrong reason and forgetting why anything is worth doing for the right reasons. It’s good to remind yourself once in a while why you love it so much. That’s not your ego taking!

Taking Ego-Training Out Of The Gym
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Originally posted 2016-11-19 10:32:45.

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