Teyana Taylor Fade 2 Fit - Workout Routines To Be Revealed
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Teyana Taylor Fade 2 Fit – Workout Routines To Be Revealed

When Kanye West released his Fade music video at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards it contained more than a lot of people were perhaps bargaining for.  A lot more.  More in the shape of a 25-year-old dancer by the name of Teyana Taylor, who completely dominates the video with her dancing and workout routines.

What makes Teyana’s workout, and body, even more amazing is that she has an 8-month-old daughter!  She hasn’t just lost the baby fat, if she had any to start with that is.  She’s completely blitzed all traces of it.

New moms, and even not so new moms, the world over will be wondering how on earth she did it, and what supplements she uses.

Teyana Taylor Workout Routines

Teyana Taylor Fade 2 Fit

The good news is that they won’t have to wonder for much longer because Teyana has announced that she will be sharing her secrets with the world.  Her new fitness website, called fittingly enough ‘Fade 2 Fit’, promises to reveal all.  Fade 2 Fit will, she says, contain dance workout videos as well as footage of the dance routines she uses to stay in shape.

Teyana is also on record as saying that she doesn’t workout per se.  She just dances.  She also admits that her diet, surprisingly enough, is not particularly good.  There are no vegetables in it.  At all.  Unless they’re part of a pizza topping.  She also loves fried chicken and macaroni.  And there’s no mention of any fruit either.

So for new mums, and anyone else wanting to get themselves into shape the Teyana Taylor way, her Fade 2 Fit workout programs promise to provide a behind the scenes look at how she keeps herself so fit.  Coupled with a good balanced diet and quality supplements, there’s no reason why the Teyana Taylor workout and fitness program won’t work for you too.

So what are these quality supplements we’ve heard so much about?

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Teyana Taylor Fade 2 Fit – Workout Routines To Be Revealed
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