The 20 minute Butt Workout - Jumping Squats
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The 20 minute Butt Workout

We all love a nice round butt. We love the way it looks in a pair of jeans and how it makes us feel when we go out. But achieving that round, firm butt can be difficult. Here is a simple women’s butt workout that you can do in around 20 minutes.

Warm up
Firstly you will need to spend about five minutes warming up well. The exercises themselves are quite difficult and as such you need to make sure your legs and joints are well warmed.

A good warm up for the legs is to do a bit of jogging followed by a few sprints. Once you are a little warmed up do some stretches and then maybe a few light squats. This should prepare your legs nicely!

The 20 minute butt workout

Now we can get in to the main workout. It is simple, easy to do and requires only some basic weight training knowledge. Remember, if you aren’t sure how to do the exercises go back through our exercise archive.

1. The lunge – 4 sets of 15 reps
Start off with a simple weighted lunge. All you need to do is grab two medium heavy dumbbells and hold them by your side as you lunge forward, alternating legs each time. Make sure you tense your glutes as you perform this exercise and do it in a slow and controlled manner. Make the decline slow and steady.

2. Jumping Squats – 3 sets until failure
The jumping squat is my all time favorite legs and butt exercise. It punishes your lower body like nothing else and will leave you sore and in pain! But, this baby burns more calories than just about anything else in the gym and gives you a fantastic butt workout. Only have about 30 seconds rest in between each set and make sure each set is explosive and powerful. You want to make sure you are hitting this one hard. Check out this post on how to do a jumping squat if you want more information.

3. Step ups – 4 sets til failure
I always think of the step up as a bit of a reverse lunge. Instead of stepping down you are going up! Again, take two heavy dumbbells and find a very stable bench a little higher than you knees. Step up and down again and again until you cannot do anymore. As always, make sure the motions are slow, controlled and well timed. This exercise is as much about control as it is about muscle isolation.

That’s it!
That there is your simple 20 minute workout. As you progress you can add more weight or more reps or even repeat the whole workout again. The exercises here are simple to do and will have you building a new butt sooner than you think.

The 20 minute Butt Workout
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