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“If you are bored, you need stimulation, not a cheesecake. If you’re sad, you need to grieve, not to eat a pizza” (210).

Theory: To be slim for life, you must adopt the attitudes of naturally slim people

Weight Loss Program:

Secret #1 Listen to your body, not your mind

  • Our body already knows how to eat perfectly, but we’ve learned to ignore or override our body’s guidance regarding eating.
  • Naturally slim people eat only according to body signals of hunger; they rarely eat for emotional reasons.
  • Start recording when you eat, what you eat, how your body feels, and what your mind says about your choices.

Secret #2 Eat with awareness and without judgment

  • To become more conscious of your eating, sit down and eat without distractions, put your fork down after each bite, and do not pick it up again until your mouth is empty.
  • Eat in front of whoever is around you.

Secret #3 Eat only when you are physically hungry

  • Signs of Hunger – empty, lightheaded, slightly nauseated, loss of energy, loss of concentration, irritable, cranky, hunger pang in the stomach.
  • Not signs of hunger – salivation because you saw or smelled food, thirst, stomach tension from nerves, low energy from lack of sleep, sadness, anger, frustration.
  • True hunger is unmistakable.
  • The best reason to wait for hunger is that’s when food tastes best.
  • Your body only wants a fist size of food at any one feeding.

Secret #4 Stop eating when you are satisfied, not full

  • Satisfaction is when you could eat more, but you could also wait. When you find the flavor of your food begins to fade, you are satisfied.
  • Your body never wants to be full. Too full is when clothing feels tighter than when you started eating.
  • Resign from the “clean-your-plate” club. Taste everything; finish nothing.

Secret #5 Eat what you want most

  • At first you may eat a lot of junk food, but if you allow yourself to do that, what you want will gradually change from eating forbidden foods to eating healthier and healthier foods.
  • It’s not what you eat that makes you fat, it is when and how much.
  • Eat whatever you want, but only between hunger and satisfaction.

Secret #6 Notice how your body feels after eating

  • There are only two reasons your body will feel bad after eating when you are hungry:
    • You made a bad match or a bad combination of foods.
    • You ate too much, even if it was a good match.
  • By paying attention and experimenting, you will discover exactly which foods, which combinations of foods agree with you and which don’t

Secret #7 Honor your feelings; don’t bury them under food

  • Make sure that eating doesn’t become a substitute for living your life.
  • Practice trusting your body, your feelings, and yourself in all parts of your life.

Key Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Eat consciously
  2. Don’t judge
  3. Trust yourself
  4. Trust your feelings


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