The Absolute Best Exercises To Lose Weight

The Absolute Best Exercises To Lose Weight

There are many different ways to lose weight – from fad diets, to appetite suppressants, to exercise routines, to every kind of program you can imagine that claim they can teach you ‘how to lose weight fast’ with little or no effort on your part.

But the basic premise that a negative calorie balance always works still stands true – if you do exercises to lose weight such as walking or other exercise routines, chances are you will burn more calories than you consume and thus lose weight.

Weight loss is a common struggle today among many, many people. Research has shown, however, that incorporating some sort of exercise routines into your weight management plans, rather it be walking, jogging, swimming, rowing, or sports – does increase your chances of success.

And for those who cringe at the thought of strenuous sweaty workouts that leave you sore and exhausted, walking is the best exercise to lose weight for you.

Walking is a gentle and safe way of fitting exercise into a less-than-physically-active lifestyle that is not as exhausting as working out at the gym, but it will still afford you some of the same benefits.

So if you find the thought of exercise debilitating, and watching others sweat profusely while running or doing aerobics is enough to make you turn and run, get out your walking shoes. You have found the answer to your exercise woes. You can lose weight walking – something you do naturally everyday anyway. Just step up the pace a bit!

Walking is one of the greatest, simplest, most convenient, and effective types of exercise that requires no extra equipment or a gym. It meets the goals of exercise in a weight loss program as it gently eases you into a routine to improve your overall fitness, while at the same time – trimming your waistline.

But walking to lose weight and build fitness levels is different than the standard stroll around the block.

For example, when you are walking to try and lose weight, the activity should be sustained for more than 30 minutes.

You can stroll around your neighborhood (or somewhere safe) or if you prefer a more sociable atmosphere, mall walking is quickly gaining in popularity. Both are effective.

Prepare For Your Exercise Routines

Doing sustained walking, with arms swinging and blood moving faster than the sound of sludge can sometimes place more stress on joints and muscles, especially if you change your regular gait. So you will need some supportive shoes for walking, and since you’ll be putting some extra miles on your feet, it helps to include a thick pair of socks to add to the cushion of the shoe and prevent blisters.

As tempted as you might be to use those old sneakers in the back of the closet, they are best saved for mowing the lawn or wading through mud puddles.

Wear loose fitting clothing when you walk so your arms and legs are not restricted. You might feel like you look better in tighter clothing, but trying to tighten the abdominal muscles the entire time you are walking for weight loss could be quite uncomfortable, making it harder to enjoy the experience. It’s always more difficult to continue doing something that you don’t enjoy doing.

Walking is inexpensive, peaceful, and can be quite fun when carried out with friends and support partners. And research shows that even when walking alone – while gently increasing the blood flow to the brain and remaining quiet and calm – many creative and inventive solutions to problems have been found on long walks. This is the perfect description of walking to lose weight.

If you must walk alone rather than with friends or a support partner, use music to keep you motivated. Use a good pair of headphones since they’ll be in your ears for at least 30 minutes each day.

If you carry your cell phone with you when you walk, you may be tempted to talk the whole time, but you will also be increasing the amount of radiation to which you are exposed each day.

Using a cell phone also decreases your awareness of your surroundings, which means you won’t hear as many cars or see as many obstacles. You’ll also be tempted to walk slower so you don’t sound out of breath.

As you proceed with your walk, pace yourself so that you are comfortable. You want to increase your metabolism so that you are slightly out of breath, but not so winded that you can’t hold a conversation comfortably.

Use your daily walk as your time away from the house and other obligations to clear your mind and increase your motivation, and just enjoy it. You will find that while you are achieving your weight loss goals, you are also more productive in less time, and feel a great sense of accomplishment that you are improving your overall health!

Is Walking A Good Way To Lose Weight?

There’s no doubt that walking is one of the absolute best exercises to lose weight, and it should be an activity you enjoy and look forward to doing each day, which you will over time.

Don’t, however, neglect to consult with your doctor before undertaking any kind of workout program, including walking to lose weight. Only he can determine the level of intensity and length of time at which you should begin. If you stick to your routine, you will eventually look forward to your daily ‘workout’ with anticipation!

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