Awful Truth About Weight Loss
Weight Loss

The Awful Truth About Weight Loss

Ready for 2017? It can take a little time to get our minds thinking in a new direction. Especially with things we want to accomplish, the first thing we need to do is get set in the right frame of mind.

Do you have a health goal this year? Let me just suggest that you honestly think about how important your health is to you. If you rate it as number 1 or at the top of your list, then, set a health goal, and get the hard work of making up your mind done first. The mind is a powerful tool! Once you decide on something, the rest comes easier. (Now, I didn’t say easy. I said “easier”. Smiles!)

Back in October, I sent out a questionnaire on what were people’s top health questions and or concerns. The results of that survey said that weight loss and allergies were two things that people were concerned with.

So, in this edition, I’m addressing weight loss. Even if weight loss is not an issue for you, you’ll still find the article I wrote full of valuable natural health lessons, especially about cleansing and building the body.

The Awful Truth About Weight Loss

So, what is the “awful truth” about weight loss? Well, the awful truth about weight loss is that you won’t hear advertised on T.V. that losing weight AND keeping it off requires significant life long, lifestyle changes.

The advertisements want to make it sound easy. “Sign up for our food program now.” The only thing wrong with that is…are you going to use their food program for the rest of your life? Do you plan on getting those prepackaged meals indefinitely? If not, then what? You go back to your old way of eating and the weight comes back.

What about counting calories for the rest of your life? Does that make sense? Don’t you think our bodies were perfectly designed to be a perfect weight? Then, what’ going on in this country that we have so many overweight people?

The “awful” truth about most fad diets and advertised food programs is that they aren’t addressing the WHY of being overweight. They aren’t addressing the body as a whole. And, they aren’t teaching how to have a TOTAL healthy weight plan.

If you’ve never done a cleanse before or if it’s been a while since you have, consider starting off the year by assisting your body in “cleaning house”.

We are exposed to a vast amount of toxins from our food and our environment. Often times our body struggles to function properly, because it is so busy trying to clean out the toxins.

The body also protects us from these harmful toxins by locking them away in fat cells. This is one reason we carry extra weight.

Consider starting your New Year off with an internal cleanse that will help eliminate  toxic buildup from your body.

The Awful Truth About Weight Loss
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