The Belly Fat Cure Review
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The Belly Fat Cure Review

One of the most persistently stubborn fatty areas on the human body is the stomach. It seems like once you begin gaining weight in that area, it can be extremely difficult to get it off. This is why getting rid of belly fat is such an obsession with some people. Also, many research studies have shown that excess belly fat leads to other chronic health conditions.

Author and fitness expert, Jorge Cruise, thinks he finally has the answer to all of your belly fat woes. His new book “The Belly Fat Cure” is causing quite a stir in dieting circles online and off. You see, Jorge truly believes that most people have excess belly fat because of the amount of sugar they eat in their daily diets.

For most of us, it’s true that we’re consuming way too much sugar for our own good. Mainly because it’s hidden in a large variety of processed food. Jorge teaches that this elevated sugar level is wreaking havoc on your body’s insulin levels. All of this extra sugar is being turned into fat that gravitates to your stomach, and other areas.

When you subscribe to his free Belly Fat Cure Report, you’ll get a sample of the types of healthy low sugar/low carb options that he recommends. Some of the food items are: chicken, hamburger, steak, turkey, mashed potatoes, zucchini, hard boiled eggs, whole grain tortillas and even sausage patties.

The book covers a much more extensive list of food suggestions. You don’t get much in the way of Belly Fat Cure recipes, but you get enough of a food list that you can easily whip up some quick meals. One of the big items on the “do not eat” list is artificial sweeteners.

Now, you may be aware that many diet plans actually recommend using artificial sweeteners as a good substitute for sugar. However, Jorge is totally against these. Instead, he recommends more natural alternatives like: maltitol, xylitol and stevia. His book recommends several low sugar/alternative sugar products, but you may have a hard time finding them locally.

The Belly Fat Cure diet is a big hit with some who have tried it and lost a good amount of weight. Yet, it isn’t without controversy. Some medical experts, and nutritionists, think that some of the advice in this book is not going to help dieters in the long run. They feel that it bans good sources of fiber like most fruits, as well as, dairy products that are needed for strong bone maintenance and vitamin D.

Jorge also isn’t big on exercising. He only recommends that you do some abdominal exercises along with a mild cardio workout. But, it’s not mandatory. Most experts feel that in order to keep weight off for a long period of time, and maintain good health, exercise should become a regular part of your weekly routine.

The truth is, there are good arguments to be made on both sides who are for and against the Belly Fat Cure Diet plan. If you’re tired of having too much fat in your stomach area, and you’ve tried other methods for reducing belly fat with no success, then this may be a plan that can work for you. It’s pretty simple to understand and follow. You may decided that you can use some of the advice about reducing your sugar intake to a minimum, while doing your own thing when it comes to exercising and keeping some foods on the “bad” list in your diet.

The Belly Fat Cure Review
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