The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Pull-Up Bar
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The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Pull-Up Bar

The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Pull-Up BarWhenever you walk into a friend’s house, it is not unusual to see an exercise bicycle or a rowing machine, for example, because many people like to exercise in their homes these days.

However one item that many people won’t have considered buying is a pull-up bar, even though they are one of the least expensive items of exercise equipment.

So in this article I want to discuss some of the benefits of owning your own pull-up bar, and highlight some of the reasons why you should consider buying one yourself:

Easy To Install

When you first see one of these products, it is normal to assume that they couldn’t possibly hold your body weight. However you will find that they are really to install in your doorways at home, and once they are, they are exceptionally strong and will easily take your weight without any problems.

Cheap To Buy

If you join your local gym, you could end up paying around £30 – £40 per month on membership fees alone, so it can be very cost effective to buy your own fitness equipment. A pull-up bar is one of the most cost effective options because this will give you a really good workout for a one-off cost of around £10 – £20.

Complete Upper Body Workout

The great thing about pull-up bars is that they don’t just work your arms. They also strengthen your core abdominal muscles and work a number of different muscle groups in your shoulders and back as well. Therefore you can get a really effective upper body workout with this one item of fitness equipment.


If you buy a very basic workout bar, then you will find that there are still many different exercises that you can do. For example, here are 8 exercises that you can do on a standard pull-up bar. However if you buy one of the Iron Gym workout bars, for instance, you will also be able to do additional exercises such as crunches and dips and get an even better workout.

So if you don’t already have one of these workout bars at home, you might want to consider heading down to your local sports shop and buying one.

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These bars are really easy to attach to your doorways and will enable you to work a number of different muscle groups in your upper body whenever you feel like it without having to go to the gym.

The Benefits Of Owning Your Own Pull-Up Bar
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