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The Best Bodybuilder’s Exercises for the Legs

Many people have trouble getting their legs to look the way they want.  If you do a lot of cardio or are a naturally smaller person, it can be very difficult getting the leg definition that you want.  So let’s discuss some exercises and tips to help you build your legs up the way you want to.

If you are trying to build up your legs, than you should separate your leg workouts from your cardiovascular workouts.  If you try to do cardiovascular everyday, than on the day that you are going to do your leg workout, do your cardio in the morning and the legs in the evening.  If you can avoid doing cardio at all on the days that you will be working your legs, that is even better.

Another thing you can try to build your legs up is to separate your leg muscle into sections.  Focus on calves and quadriceps one day and hamstrings and glutes on another day.  By separating the muscle groups, you can be sure to give each muscle the attention it needs to get bigger.

Working the whole leg at once works well if you are a beginner or even an intermediate bodybuilder.  But if you are more advanced or just wanting to see greater results, than this method will yield those better results.  If you do decide to try separating working the leg muscles than you need to put about two or three days in between the leg workout days.  This will give the muscles adequate time to rest and build back up for another workout.

If you do decide to break your leg workouts up, than here is a good example of workouts that you can use.  Let’s say that on Monday you are going to focus on your quads and calves, then try doing squats, wide stance and normal, leg presses, the inner and outer leg machine(s), as well as calve raises.

Then on Friday when you work your glutes and hamstrings you can do dead lifts, standing leg curl, lunges, and seated leg curls.  These are just a few exercise options for working out your legs.  As you gain more knowledge of different leg exercises and become more advanced in your weight lifting, you can do more.

Another key factor in getting the legs that you want is to be sure you are doing the exercises properly as well as that you squeeze your muscles when you do the exercises.  Squeezing the muscles will help you achieve even better results and will also help you become more aware of the muscles.  Once you know where they are and what they feel like when they are flexed, you can start flexing them whenever you want, so that you can always be getting a little bit of a workout for those muscles.

Also, take your time with each exercise so that you are sure you are only using the muscles and not just using your body’s momentum to move.  If you start moving fast or just throwing your body around, then your muscles will not achieve any kind of results.  Be in control of your body and really work your muscles.

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The Best Bodybuilder’s Exercises for the Legs
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