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The Best Exercise to Burn Fat

With so many products that offer ways to burn fat, which one do you pick? Pills, trend diets, not to mention liposuction — can all cost a fortune. But, do you really need any of these? Isn’t there a best exercise to burn fat? Do you really need that magic pill that is going to cost you a small fortune? Or maybe, all of these products are completely useless?

Ok, so they may not all be useless but still, why pay for something that is going to make a 1%-2% difference to your results when there are more effective ways of getting it done? Burning fat doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket!

So, what is the best exercise to burn fat?

High intensity cardio exercises are a great way to lose fat! Definitely one of the best exercise to burn fat. Choose one that will work for you and stick with it.

First, you should understand what high intensity cardio work outs are. High intensity cardio exercises are generally shorter duration than low intensity cardio, usually lasting anywhere from 10-35 minutes long. Not bad if you’re short on time eh?

There is a reason for the shorter duration though. They are “high intensity”. They can burn tons of calories when properly done.

However this isn’t the only benefit! A positive side effect exclusive to high intensity cardio is the immense increase in your metabolism that follows for 24-48 hours AFTER you’ve finished your training! This phenomenon is known as EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

A short explanation of how EPOC works – Basically, if your workout was of a high enough intensity it will put your body in an “oxygen debt” because your body couldn’t get enough during the exercise. So to combat this, your body raises your metabolism for a day or two until all of the oxygen is repaid!

This only happens for an hour or two after low intensity exercise.

When doing high intensity cardio exercises, don’t limit yourself to treadmills, cycling, rowing etc – Think outside the box and use your weights workout to burn fat. Reducing your rest periods between sets/exercises and using compound movements such as bench presses, squats, lunges, cleans etc will lead to an extreme work out. Try it and I’ll pay you if your heart rate doesn’t increase enough to burn a heap of fat!

A good list of cardio exercises are swimming, bicycling, rock climbing, boxing, skipping and running. Those are only a few, so be sure to find one that will suit you and the time you have. As I said, think outside the box.

For these reasons, High Intensity Interval Training is often considered (arguably) the best exercise to burn fat.

The best exercise to burn fat with resistance is..well there isn’t really a best exercise for burning fat – Any type of compound exercises (Multiple muscle groups) are great for burning fat!

Examples include :- Squats, lunges, leg presses, military presses, burpees, press ups, bench presses, deadlifts, bent over rows and olympic lifts. (clean and jerk, snatch etc but be careful as these exercises take advanced motor control)

Creating a routine for your weight lifting will speed up the burning of your fat. Once you have a routine, intensify it — gradually. Another benefit of including weight exercises? The more muscle you have and/or can maintain, the higher your metabolism will be!

Bottom line – Don’t neglect weights, male or female! Even, the best exercise to burn fat will do you no good without weight training to maintain muscle.

Both weight lifting and high intensity cardio will burn fat. It’s just down to you to structure your goals and plan – Then it’s a case of following it through with your exercises and routines.

If you’re struggling with this element of fat loss, my recommendations for the best programs are below – These complete plans are risk-free and have a 60-day, no question money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your fat loss!

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