The Best of the Pre Workout Pills

The Best of the Pre Workout Pills

Pre workout powders aren’t for everyone. Sometimes having the convenience of taking a fews pills is worth forgoing the typical powder route. Furthermore, some people prefer to take a few pills rather than having to down a big drink before their workout. Pre workout pills give you the option to pack a few in your briefcase so you can go straight from work to the gym (just make sure you label them so you don’t get fired for having mysterious drugs on you).

Here are a few of the most popular pre workout supplements that come in PILL form:

MuscleTech MyoShock HSP

Now, typically, you won’t see very many MuscleTech products featured on this site. Its not that MuscleTech’s product’s suck. They are pretty much just as effective as the other guy’s stuff, but they are usually priced a little high for their relative efficacy. OK, enough big words. MyoShock seems to be the exception to their price verses punch dilemma. MyoShock contains the typical caffeine, l-arginine, creatine blends that you will find in most pre workout supplements. But it also brings “Heat Shock Proteins” to the pre workout table. Now if you haven’t heard of heat shock proteins (HSP), than you are out of the nutritional supplement loop, because they are the next big thing in pre workout supplements. HSP utilizes the protein that you intake from your diet into protein used to build muscle, because not all protein that you take in is immediately sent out to repair muscle tissue. This is a very basic summary of how HSP works. If you want to know more, well then go get yourself a major in chemistry.

Anyways, back to MyoShock. This is a great product for those of you who don’t want to mess around with mixing up a drink before your workout. Some people prefer the placebo effect that drinking something provides, but everyone is different.

Universal Animal PUMP

Animal PUMP is another product introduced under the “Animal” line by Universal Nutrition. Pretty much everyone knows a guy who swears by the Animal products, and for good reason. The Animal Pak multivitamin is probably their most popular product and it has given many bodybuilders some great results. Animal PUMP is their long-awaited pre workout supplement that has gathered some great reviews. Just like the other Animal products, PUMP is arranged in 30 packets of pills. This makes it extremely easy to take and very portable. Just brag a pack and your on your way. Also, the pack makes it easy to know the serving size. PUMP’s ingredients are fairly unique, compared with other pre workout supplements. While it has the the creatine, l-arginine, and caffeine that you will find in most pre workout supplements, it also features a unique energy blend (theobromine, caffeine, theophylline, and eviodiamine), a blend of different arginine pre-cursors, ginger root extract (for arginine uptake) and green tea extract.

People that use Animal products are very loyal to the brand because their products WORK. While they may not be as competitively priced as other brands, you know you are getting your money’s worth with this brand.

Gaspari Nutrition PlasmaJet

OK so this product isn’t as “pre workout” as the others ones reviewed on this site. However, if your wish-list for a pre workout supplement mainly includes muscle pumps, you HAVE to check out PlasmaJet.  PlasmaJet is considered a pre workout supplement because it gives the muscle pumps inherent to all pre workouts, but this one really takes it a step further. PlasmaJet is unlike any muscle pump supplement I have ever taken. This is another one (like Jack3d) that you can feel the effects pretty soon after taking it. 30 minutes after your first dose of PlasmaJet, and you will begin to see more veins than normal and you will get that same “jacked up” feeling you get when you leave the gym. Trust me, this one works.

Another benefit to vasodilation, or the blood flow properties, is that it increase blood flow to your extremities (ALL of your extremities). So this product has characteristics much like many of the top selling male enhancement products (move aside “Extenze”). Not that you need any help in that area, right?

The dosage with PlasmaJet is also somewhat unique. You take 10 caplets at once one day per week. The box gives you a 30 day supply, so your taking the product for only 3 days out of the month. It is supposed to remain in your system for a few days after taking it, which makes this possible. This is great for those of you who hate having to take pills at a certain time each day, or for those of you who constantly forget to take that day’s dosage. I have also heard of people splitting the dosage and taking 5 pills twice a week. Either way works fine. Just make sure your drinking plenty of water while taking this product.

USP Labs PowerFULL

After casting a lot of doubt on USP’s products because of their strange ingredients, I decided to give PowerFULL and Anabolic Pump a shot. And after trying them I have to say that I am really impressed. The ingredients in PowerFULL and Anabolic Pump are different than anything else you will find in bodybuilding supplements but strangely enough, they are incredibly effective.

USP Labs has already carved out a good chunk of the market share in their short existence. Their products have not been imitated as far as the content goes, but I have a feeling that it won’t be long before this happens.

PowerFULL is to be taken before workouts and before bed, so it is different than most pre workout supplements that are only taken before training. It also does not contain the arginine, creatine, and caffeine that I have talked about in my article on pre-workout must haves. That is because this product is similar to creatine, in that it has your body has to adjust to it and build it up before it is effective. So don’t expect to see results the first few days of using it.

But once you do start seeing results, I think you will also be impressed. PowerFULL claims to (1) Increase strength and power in and out of the gym, (2) Increase quality of sleep and recovery to help build lean muscle mass, (3) Increase sex drive and libido, and (4) Greatly enhance the mind-muscle connection by increasing dopamine neurons that are essential for normal movement and sensory motor integration.

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