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The Brain and How It Generates Force in the Muscle

Seemingly everything in the gym is done in split-seconds, from bicep curls to walking lunges. It is quite phenomenal how our bodies work. For every movement that is made, many more steps are involved in the body that work in almost light-speed a head of us. In fact; our brains trains itself to repeat the proper steps when trained correctly, otherwise injury occurs and dysfunctional muscle growth and muscular efficiency.

Before we start anywhere in which muscles start the process of contraction, the brain gives the order to do so. This again is done in several methods. First, understand that everything in the body is based on communication. Communication between every system and thus they work together in conjunction for proper function.

In this case, signals are send from the brain to the muscle via neural activation. Neurons which can be categorized as the micro-chip of the body because it carries information to analysis, interpret and process throughout the body.

Electrical impulses are transported via neurons from the Central Nervous System down the axon of the neuron. At the end of the axon, chemicals are released called Neurtransmitters. These are chemicals act as messengers that like a boat crossing a river, cross from the neuron onto the muscle fibers. This is how the brain makes the decision and sends that decisions to be carried out to the muscle.

Once this signal has crossed over to the muscle, the muscle must go through a series of steps in which it generates force into the muscle. This process is called Sliding Filament Theory.

Muscles are composed of many filaments which act as pulleys. The pulleys are thin and thick filaments that move between z-lines that cross each other as pulleys do. There are many pulleys in the muscle that are all separated in sections that move closer together, as this happens, the muscle starts contacting. These sections are called Sarcomere.

These steps are carried out in micro-seconds in which the brain decides and carries out the movement. It also important to understand that the brain processes every step and remembers for further workouts. For this reason, each step must be done correctly and not hurried.

The body is quite an amazing life force. Everything that we do in our lives is processed and all communication systems in the body carry it to others. It’s important to be patient when starting a training program, it essential to understand that proper nutrition is vital for proper cellular function that carries out vital decisions, everyday decisions. One thing can not work without the other. If something is not working properly, then that effects everything else. Breathing effects digestion that effects training and vice versa and so on. This results in everything from muscle contractions to your sex life. The flip side is when everything is working properly that is carried over to all the other systems in the body.

Love your body and your body will love you back.

The Brain and How It Generates Force in the Muscle
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