The Entropy of Resolutions
Weight Loss

The Entropy of Resolutions

Ever wonder why your weight-loss program seems to sag a bit after one or two months, and disappears completely in about three? And just who is to blame for those lost exercise resolutions come February? No, the answer isn’t you, it’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics, also known as entropy. This important scientific law states: Systems in order tend towards disorder. In other words, every physical system, weight-loss program, and exercise resolution eventually becomes disordered. This is true for car engines, housecleaning, computer list servers, relationships, and highway traffic planning.

The solution is to re-order the system. That’s why we all need a backup plan for our eating and exercising. The ones I recommend: If your clothes feel the slightest bit tight or you feel fat, immediately start keeping a food diary and pay attention to eating mindfully 0-5. You’ll get back on track within hours, and probably lose that “fat” feeling in less than a week.

As to the exercise program, do what works best for you to create order. Call a friend for a ride or hike. Put on your running shoes or exercise clothes first thing in the morning. Make a date for exercise in your daily agenda. Remember, it’s not your fault, it’s the way the world works for all of us.

Further Thoughts on Yoga

Specifically, yoga boot camp. I don’t recommend it unless you’re already fantastically limber and very strong. I loved the class, but I needed 3 chiropractic visits to loosen up my psoas muscle after just 3 classes. Yoga boot camp was too costly in terms of money, time, and physical discomfort. This is so embarrassing to tell you. Now I’m doing gentle yoga to keep my muscles and skeleton in alignment. So what’s bad for you can also be good, based on moderation and, perhaps, wisdom.

The Skinny on Skin Toner

One reader asked why I didn’t recommend toner as a necessary part of a skin care routine. The four products I recommend are cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The medical and skin care experts I consulted for my book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Better Skin, agreed that toner wasn’t essential. Here’s why: Today’s facial skin cleansers are pH balanced so your skin keeps it’s acid mantle. Old style cleansers were alkaline and toners helped reestablish the acid mantle. Of course, you can still use a toner—I do, but it’s no longer considered essential. Today’s toners often include skin treatment ingredients that can be beneficial for your skin.

Pregnancy and the Glycemic Index

Is it healthy to eat for glycemic index weight loss when pregnant? The benefits of eating low-glycemic for weight loss or for pregnancy are equally wonderful. There are no calorie restrictions, so Mom and baby have energy. The recommended foods—protein, vegetables, fruits, and low-glycemic grains—are healthy and nutritious. Plus, the foods to avoid—low-fat processed foods, junk foods—aren’t great for Mom or baby. If gestational diabetes is a risk, eating low-glycemic will be very helpful. I wish I’d known about the glycemic index when I was pregnant.

The Entropy of Resolutions
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