Bodybuilding - Muscle Gain and Nutrition Rules

The Ideal Diet to Build Muscle Quickly

If you want to build muscle, then you need to understand that the basic building lock for building muscle is protein, this means this is a vital part of the diet you need to combine with your workouts. But, it is not the only thing that needs to be part of an ideal diet to build muscles.

So that the protein in your diet plan is properly absorbed into your system you need to make sure that your diet is well balanced with good and healthy fats as well as carbohydrates. And example of an ideal diet plan for a 180 pound man is given below.

A diet plan to help build muscles quickly is going to call for the individual eating around 3500 calories per day. This is for someone that weighs 180 pounds remember. If you are heavier or lighter you need to make slight adjustments to go with your weight.

A quick muscle building diet is going to need to include eating at least 270 grams of protein each day. This will average out to about 38 to 39 grams of protein for each meal when you are on a seven meal a day diet plan.

It is a good idea to space out your protein equally when you consume your meals because your body isn’t able to process large amounts of protein at one time. By eating this amount of protein spread out and lifting weights, you will see a much quicker muscle gain than if you did it differently.

When you are setting up the ideal diet plan to build muscle quickly you need to set up a meal schedule. This meal schedule should include consuming seven different meals each day. This is going to be tough to do but it is going to help you speed up your muscle gain.

The more often you eat the easier it is to help your metabolism worker at a higher speed. This then in turn is going to help you burn off fat and promote more muscle growth when combine this meal schedule with your weightlifting. You should try to eat smaller meals that are 400 to 500 calories and have a schedule set up something like 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, workout, 6 pm, 7 pm and 10 pm.

When you plan your diet and meal schedule you need to make sure that all of your main meals especially are well balanced, this means your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your other meals should be protein rich meals.

An example of a 550 calorie breakfast might be 30 grams of whey protein, like a shake, a two egg omelet with four egg whites, two pieces of wheat toast and a glass of orange juice. Your post workout meal and the bedtime meal should include a 30 to 40 gram protein shake.

Make sure to include fruit, whole grain foods and vegetables with all of your meals and the staple should be protein like chicken, fish or lean beef with each meal.

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