The Importance of the 5 Basic Components of Physical Fitness

The Importance of the 5 Basic Components of Physical Fitness

All of the components of physical fitness are important in their own unique way; however, the cardiovascular endurance is extremely important because it is that area which can affect the levels that the other components perform at.

5 Components of Physical Fitness

Our body cannot work well without fuel especially if we are performing physical tasks. That is why it is so important that this area of fitness stays in premier shape and part of our workouts. Activities which can keep an elevated heart rate over a period of time can help improve cardiovascular endurance. It is more important to go at a comfortable pace when exercising because you do not want to hurt yourself trying to do too much too fast. That is why we build up muscle and do not gain it in one session, it takes time.

The 5 basic components of physical fitness

  • Cardio-respiratory (CR) endurance – this is the way the body delivers oxygen and nutrients that are needed for muscular activity and get rid of waste from our cells.
  • Muscular strength – the is the max amount of force that a muscle or muscle group can exert in a single task.
  • Muscular endurance – this is the ability for a muscle group or muscle to be able to perform repeated movements for extended periods of time
  • Flexibility – the ability to move a joint/joints through a full range of motion
  • Body Composition – percentage of body fat compared to his/her total body mass

This can help to build up muscular strength especially when combined with weight lifting. The greater the muscular endurance, the longer a muscle can do an action without feeling fatigued. Flexibility is related to the range in which a joint can move; generally the better the flexibility, the less chance there is of injuries occurring. All of these components add up to our physical fitness and it is important that we work an all the components to put ourselves in top physical fitness.

Another component deals with the endurance levels and the variety of areas associated with it. Local muscle endurance is how well a a certain muscle is able to perform a repetitious action which requires and force or energy. A person’s cardio endurance lets a person know how well their heart can get blood to the muscles and how well it is used as well. Strength endurance is how well a muscle can perform a specific action using maximum power over a certain period of time. Coordination deals with how well we combine these different components together to perform tasks.

How the 5 components on fitness are Important

Each of the components of skill related physical fitness are important in their own certain way as they are used for different things in a physical sense. Cardiovascular endurance is extremely important because that one component can affect the other component significantly and how well they perform. Without energy, we would not be able to perform any physical activity and that is why it is so important that this component of fitness is in premier shape and is a top priority.

Certain activities which keep the heart rate up over a period of time such as swimming, running, and bicycling are great ways to improve that endurance. The best to increase your cardio endurance is to build it up slowly rather than wearing yourself every time you work on that area of fitness. This can increase your muscular strength when combined with lifting weights. The greater the muscular endurance, the longer you can exert that muscle with fatigue. Your flexibility lets you know the range of motion a joint can move, this is very helpful in avoid injuries. Each component has its own importance and it is necessary to work every component out so that you can reach that premier physical condition.


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