The Quick Weight Loss Guide
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The Quick Weight Loss Guide

Today more and more people are trying to lose weight.  Their reasons range from a recent heart attack and some strong words from the doctor, down to cruel words from other youngsters at college or we have the influence of scantily clad female models that are everywhere.

These people start by looking for the holy grail of ‘quick weight loss’ diet or plans and programs. Hoping to drink a few ‘shakes, take a few pills or use a silly metal machine on the floor in front of the television. Not realizing that the ideal quick weight loss ‘method’ lies in their supermarket or their gym.

Eventually, as the pressure builds from the various sources (the bullies or the doctor for example), they will realize they are not losing weight as planned or as quickly as was expected. This can be quite a blow to the individual because some of the costs of these ‘quick fixes’ are not cheap at all – nowhere near the price of some tomatoes, cucumber and a fresh lettuce! What happens now when they KNOW they are not losing weight? they resort to ‘silly’ methods.

There are a million and one crazy methods of quick weight loss floating around the internet such as using laxatives to lose weight, the infamous ‘fingers down your throat’ method (usually after a meal) and the obviously quite traumatic ‘surgical options’. These ideas are toyed with and sometimes tried, but if you eat a lot, and of the wrong food, and have no exercise then you’ll go back to square one in no time at all. Now, after trying the old ‘laxatives to lose weight‘ method and been extremely embarrassed by the whole episode the next question is asked.

“How to lose belly fat when I hate exercising?”….. after all this time they still ask the wrong questions.  It isn’t about ‘belly fat’ and getting into a nice pair of jeans or a dress. There is a balance that must be maintained within the body. Yes it so happens that all the nice perfect people in the world have flat stomachs.

The only way to change your body mass is to burn fat, and the best way to burn fat quickly is to exercise. So, now we have come full circle…. avoid junk food and eat healthily, avoid the silly quick weight loss crazes, find the best exercise workout for your body type to burn fat quickly and now we have the ultimate ‘quick weight loss’ program.


The Quick Weight Loss Guide
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