The Riff Raff Supplements

The Riff Raff Supplements

What An Unbelievable Jaw Dropping Transformation With Riff Raff Supplements

Riff Raff, born Horst Christian Simco, was once a perfectly normal person who had by all accounts a perfectly normal upbringing. Somewhere along the line though he morphed into Riff Raff, a colorful, larger than life character for whom nothing seems to be too strange or bizarre. His body is a narrative, covered in tattoos that symbolize important events in his life.

Does Riff Raff take SupplementsOnce upon a time young Horst was mad about basketball and according to some reports attended college, albeit briefly, on a basketball scholarship. Which might explain why he’s belatedly taken an interest in sports again. Even if it is a somewhat different sport to the one he grew up playing. However, as with most things about Riff Raff, it’s almost impossible to tell if he’s serious or just saying things because he’s Riff Raff and saying absurd things is what his Riff Raff character is about.

One thing is for sure and certain though. His remark about wanting to train with Hulk Hogan with a view to taking up wrestling professionally may, or may not, be serious but it appears that he is deadly serious about wanting to change his body. Just for starters, he’s declared his intention to put on 50 pounds and by the looks of him he’s off to a great start. He’s managed to transform himself almost overnight into a guy with some pretty ripped abs and a physique most men would be pretty proud of.

It’s all down to a couple of dietary muscle supplements he’s been taking. These supplements are an all-natural combination of protein, carbs and minerals that help the body start building lean muscle and shedding fat fast. Not that Riff Raff needed to lose any fat! But wow – what a transformation. And guys everywhere with bodies just like Riff Raff had are getting the same results.

So what are these (as we like to call them) Riff Raff supplements they’re all raving about? We’ve provided a run down on them below.

To be continued …

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