Dwayne Johnson Workout And Diet

The Rock Nutrition And Rock’s Supplements

He’s been tagged as the largest actor in the world but in Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson’s case, large does not mean obese or even overweight.  Rather it means that the guy is an awesome combination of muscle, height and ripped abs.  He stands nearly 6 and a half feet tall in his bare feet and weighs in at 270 pounds or around 123 kilos on the metric weight scale.

However, whilst he’s always been an impressively imposing guy, he really scaled things up for his role as Hercules in the 2014 Brett Ratner directed epic Hercules.  After all, he had an imposing and popular cartoon action hero character to live up to!  Just how he did it, and the results, could also be said to be the stuff legends are made of….

So how did he do it?

The Rock Daily Diet

The Rock Nutrition And Rock’s SupplementsWhen Johnson spoke to the media about his preparations for Hercules, he mentioned his daily routine of exercise and what has become famously dubbed ‘the Rock daily diet’.  And whilst his workout routine alone is awe inspiring, it’s his daily intake of food that really captured attention!

The Rock nutrition plan consists of no less than 7 carefully planned meals each day designed for maximum calorie intake and nutrition without adding excess fat.  The Rock daily diet is in fact a classic example of careful dietary and nutritional planning to achieve a desired body-building result.

The Rock Nutrition Plan – What Is In Those Meals

The first thing most people notice when they read the daily menu from the Rock nutrition plan, apart from the fact that it could double as the complete menu in a health restaurant, is the cod.  More than two pounds of it in fact.  Consumed over 4 meals throughout the day.  And why cod, which Johnson later admitted to ‘hating’?  According to Johnson, it’s because cod is an excellent source of quality protein whilst also being particularly lean and low in fat.

Has The Rock Daily Diet Helped Deplete US Cod Stocks?

Unfortunately it turns out that cod stocks are in increasingly short supply as the effects of global warming play havoc with North America’s primary cod fishery.  The Gulf of Maine, which is where much of the cod in the US traditionally comes from, stretches from north Massachusetts to the Canadian Maritimes.  And it’s heading into dire waters as global warming heats up the waters along this part of the North American coastline some 99.9% times more rapidly than any other ocean is currently experiencing.  Cod apparently don’t like water that’s too warm.

Mercury – An Important Part Of The Rock Nutrition Plan!!

Then there’s the mercury content we’re always being warned about in seafood.  According to a 2009 study the mercury content of our oceans was some 30% higher than just 10 years earlier.  Fish unfortunately tend to accumulate mercury in their tissues.  Cod, whilst not as high as some other popular species like tuna, is still higher than other species such as haddock, salmon, whiting, trout, herring, flounder, shrimp, mackerel, sardines and so on.

A 3oz serving of cod contains 0.11ppm of mercury.  The safe recommended daily limit for men is around 0.19ppm.  Therefore, just 6oz of cod consumed in one day puts the average male over the safe daily limit and the Rock daily diet plan included 2.25lbs of it each day!  Mind you, the Rock is no average male but even so….  Needless to say, Johnson later advised he has removed cod from the Rock Nutrition plan.  Wise decision Dwayne!  We’re not sure what he replaced it with but haddock, a considerably lower mercury containing species, thrives in the same conditions cod finds intolerable.

Arranged around the cod in the Rock daily diet are plenty of vegetables, lean red meat, rice, oatmeal and a full dozen eggs, predominantly the whites (we have to ask – what happened to all those yolks?)

The Rock Supplements – An Important Part Of The Rock Daily Diet

Obviously, given his grueling daily work out schedule, even the Rock Nutrition diet is going to need some help.  The Rock’s supplements are reported to consist of a couple of muscle building supplements that help to repair and restore muscle whilst keeping unwanted fat at bay.

So what’s in Rock’s supplements?  Word on the street is that the Rock supplements are made from plant chemicals, minerals and amino acids, many of which the body produces naturally.  These substances enhance thyroid, metabolic and cardiovascular performance.  The end result is that the body is better able to utilize fat and repair and rebuild muscle tissue.

Are The Rock Supplements Legal?

Currently, although their use is somewhat controversial in some circles, most notably with pro-athletes where eyebrows are reportedly being raised over the perceived benefits users are gaining, the Rock supplements are a perfectly legit dietary supplement.

Do Rock’s Supplements Work?

The Rock supplements alone probably don’t give users a huge advantage.  They are designed to be used as part of a complete health package that includes regular workouts and a healthy diet.  Pretty much like the Rock daily diet and the Rock nutrition and exercise plan in fact, although admittedly not at the same intensity!

So whilst supplements like the Rock’s supplements claim to not impose or alter the user’s lifestyle overly much, the fact remains that if you continue to eat rubbish and not do enough exercise then no muscle supplement ever invented, the Rock supplements included, is going to be of much use to you.  Someone who expects the Rock’s supplements to somehow work magic whilst they continue to live life as a couch potato not exercising much more than their remote control finger is going to be disappointed.

What Do The Rock Supplements Do?

Obviously products like the Rock supplements get a lot of glitzy, over-the-top promotion that isn’t always strictly accurate.  Clinically, the Rock’s supplements when used as intended ie as a component of a generally healthy, active lifestyle that involves at least some daily workout routine, are proven to:

  • Improve testosterone levels
  • Cut down on recovery time after exercise
  • Step up fat-burning by improving metabolism
  • Enhance muscle development and delay muscle fatigue
  • Boost strength levels
  • Provide more energy

These are all vitally important considerations when it comes to a muscle-building regime.  It’s why strength athletes who need their bodies to perform at very high levels take such care with their diet and workout routines and if necessary incorporate specialized dietary supplements like the Rock supplements.  And why guys like Dwayne Johnson, who admits his body is as much a part of his fame as his talent, enhances his diet with Rock’s supplements.

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