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The Rock Workout – A Religiously Strict Workout Regimen

The story behind the The Rock Workout: Male celebrities are among the sexiest people on earth with great physiques. This  does not come without breaking a sweat though. Male celebrities have invested a lot of money and time in keeping fit to help them get those bodies their fans would die for. Having such bodies  does not have to be that hard. We are here to guide you through this journey by giving you all the details about the fitness of your favorite male celebrities. From their daily exercise routines to their coaches and fitness programs to tips they consider helpful, we give you all the information you need to know.

Dwayne Johnson Workout And Diet - The Rock Workout

Fitness is not only about exercising; what you eat matters too. For this reason, top celebrities have nutritional experts who advise them on what to take and what not to. If you have been wondering what foods you need to take to build lean muscles then we have the right advice for you.

The male celebrities we feature on our website share the secrets on what to eat and what not to. The better news is that they are living proof that what they recommend actually works. The celebrities share things they have tried and given great results as is evident in their great physique.

Why is what we are offering you worthwhile? Keeping fit is an expensive venture that will usually require you to invest in expensive programs some of which may not have proof of effectiveness.

With our celebrity fitness information, however, everything has been set up for you. All you have to do is copy it. Celebrities have already paid their personal trainers and nutritionists to come up with the perfect regime for keeping fit and you need not do the same. Just take the advice and put it into action. It is that simple!

On our site, you can expect to find all the male celebrities with great bodies. From athletes to actors and even musicians you can expect to find their workout programs on our website. From the many available celebrities whose program can you choose to follow? Do you just use your favorite celebrity’s? While this may work, it may not always give successful results. The best way to approach it is to choose the fitness program of a celebrity with a body type similar to yours and if possible, those who have set fitness goals same as yours. With the many male celebrities, we have on our site, you will definitely find a celebrity with a fitness regime that will work for you.

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘The Rock’ Workout

The bulging biceps, the strong physique, and the hulking presence both on-screen and off-screen are the results of a grueling yet invigorating regimen known as The Rock Workout. Those who follow Dwayne Johnson’s career bear witness to his remarkable evolution in appearance. He has always been a massive chunk of a man especially in his heyday as a wrestling superstar, but who would have thought that such jacked up physique could still be transformed into a near perfect Herculean body?

Preparation For The Routine

Dwayne has established himself as a true action star with such badass roles as the Scorpion King, Hercules, Roadblock, Paul Doyle, and Luke Hobbs. All these roles not only require acting chops, but they also demand a distinctive physicality to withstand the punishing action scenes. Yes, The Rock does most of his own stunts, so he needs a lot of preparation in order to do the fight scenes with justice. He also does this because he feels that it lends authenticity to the role.

With such big Hollywood movie roles, the preparation is just as important as the actual shooting. Preparation entails planning, organization, and the right mindset. The physical aspects of the preparation are actually the easiest to do; the mental preparation is a lot tougher than most actors care to admit. Being a part-time professional wrestler, Dwayne possesses the mindset of an athlete; hence, the mental discipline is already built-in.

To give an idea of the extent Dwayne would go through just to prepare for a role, think of the movie “Pain & Gain”. In the film, he plays the cocaine-addicted convict and body builder Paul Doyle. He went on a calorie binge just to gain 15 pounds of muscle. He loaded up with complex carbs and protein and he tipped the scales at 250 pounds.

In G.I. Joe: Retaliation, he plays the heavy machine gunner Roadblock. He went on a strict 14-week diet and a training program that had him bulking up, big enough so that he could carry the heavy artillery with ease.

For the movie Hercules, Dwayne followed a 22-week diet that consisted of food rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. They are all measured and weighed to ensure he’s getting the right amount of nutrients. The diet is complemented by an intensive workout that includes heavy lifting and cardio sessions six days a week for six gruelling months. His goal was to become the definitive demigod who looks menacing and intimidating. It was the role of a lifetime and he couldn’t afford to fail. Needless to say, he nailed it!

Strict Workout Regimen

For every role that he prepares for, Dwayne sticks religiously to the The Rock Workout. This is the diet and workout plan that Dwayne follows whether there’s a film role in the bag or not. If there’s a movie, he and his team of trainers, coaches, and nutritionists adjust the program according to the requirements of the role.

This is not just a training workout for action stars, it’s a lifestyle that helps Dwayne keep his body in amazing condition. It may sound like it’s a hardcore workout that only the likes of The Rock can endure. Well, for the most part, it is hardcore, judging by the snapshots of his workouts that he shares on his Twitter account. The good thing is that this can easily be customized based on the needs of common folks who dream of getting rock-hard bodies.

Nutrition And Diet The Rock Used

The workout regimen is not focused solely on exercise and weight gain; it also puts emphasis on the importance of nutrition. The workout starts as early as 3 am. This is not a requirement, but Dwayne is used to the routine of getting up at an ungodly hour to start with stretches, warm ups and coffee. This is followed by 50-minute cardio sessions to keep the heart pumping. When at home, he hits the road, but when staying on a hotel or some secret location, he gets on the elliptical cross trainer.

A proper breakfast that comes with this workout consists of meat and oatmeal. Dwayne eats five meals a day, all prepared according to nutritional requirements that go with his dietary goals. The big spread includes chicken, baked potatoes, green leafy salads, mushrooms, steak fillets, broccoli, halibut, and casein protein. The diet is rich in protein, good complex carbs, and vegetables that help increase lean muscle growth. It does look like there’s a daily feast going on, but rest assured that the food are measured and weighed precisely to give a good balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein. He supplements his diet with multivitamins, protein shake, glutamine, chondroitin and glucosamine.

The Epic Workout Dwayne Used To Build His Awesome Physique

After breakfast, Dwayne gets to the tough part of the program – lifting weights. He follows the proven method of heavy lifting to toughen up and build muscles. Though the workout changes according to his current goal, he usually does 4 sets of 12 reps with 60-90 seconds of rest, mixing up dumbbells, barbells, and machines. This seemingly backbreaking workout covers the chest, shoulders, abs, legs, and back. The workout lasts for 90 minutes and can sometimes extend to one hour and 45 minutes. Weightlifting is no walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination, so more than an hour of that intense training is a test of endurance, stamina, and determination. This is the true embodiment of the exercise motto: “No pain, no gain.” Clearly, this workout is not for everyone, but one can create a lighter version of the workout plan that’s safe and enjoyable.

The Rock Workout is a strict training regimen with a lot of heavy lifting. One look at Dwayne’s body and one will see the tremendous amount of time and hard work he puts to achieve the seriously toned and muscled body seen in every movie he stars in. The discipline has to be there to be successful in this workout. Dwayne gives his all in everything he does and it shows. So, no matter how demanding the roles are, Dwayne always rises to the occasion.

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The Rock Workout Supplements

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The Rock Supplements - ExtremeNO Muscle Supplement

The Rock Supplements - The Rock Workout - Boost Testosterone Levels with Natural HGH

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Why The Sports Elite Are Using Muscle Supplements

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So the upshot of all our research was that our team thought they’d try Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x for themselves just to see if this muscle building supplement stack really did do everything it was purported to do. I’d wanted to make some healthy changes to my body for a while now. I’d also entered a fitness competition so I put my hand up to be the guinea pig.

First up I contacted the manufacturers of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x, introduced myself and explained that I was interested in trying their products with a view to writing about the results for you, our readers. Both companies were keen to help out and agreed to ship me a month’s worth of free product. It duly arrived within a couple of days and the experiment was on……

For accuracy, I took my initial body-fat measurement and made a note of it at the start. I was a very unimpressive 150 lbs with a body-fat score of 14%. I needed to get down to 7 – 8% to get the results I was aiming for and for the fitness competition.

And so I began …

The Rock Supplements

I followed a fairly simple routine. Just two pills each of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x twice daily. On days that I worked out I took the pills before and after the workout. Otherwise I just took one dose in the morning and the other at night. My diet and exercise regime did not change at all. At the end of the 4 weeks, I’d packed on 15 lbs of lean muscle!!

The Rock Workout Test – Week 1:

One of the things I noticed during the first week on the new regime was how quickly and dramatically the The Rock Supplements kicked in. For a start my energy levels were noticeably higher. I also wasn’t nearly as hungry thanks to the appetite curbing effects of the amino acids in Hyper GH 14x. All in all I felt unbelievable and I hadn’t had to change my daily routine at all. When Day 7 came around I hopped on the scales and got out the caliper to measure my body fat. Unbelievably I’d gained 4 lbs of lean muscle!

The results were impressive. I still wasn’t 100% convinced though. At the start of most muscle programs you tend to lose a fair amount of water. This unfortunately often comes without producing any lasting effect on the composition of your body. The tricky part would be seeing if I could sustain this amount of muscle gain over the remaining weeks. However, it was a great feeling to be weighing less than 150 lbs for the first time in years. I was keen to see how the next few weeks panned out.

The Rock Workout Test – Week 2:

My energy levels and focus continued to improve through the second week. I also found that I was sleeping much better due to the detoxifying effects of Xtreme NO, which in turn allowed more time for the muscles to recover and grow. As I shed another 6lbs of fat I could see the outline of the 6-pack starting to develop. Much to my girlfriend’s delight. Now I started to believe! These The Rock Supplements really are everything they are cracked up to be.

The Rock Workout Test – Week 3:

My muscle mass continued to develop whilst the body fat simultaneously continued to disappear. The fat around my stomach and hips was no longer and I was now sporting quite an impressive 6 pack. Energy levels were also staying consistently sky high right throughout the day.

By the end of the week I’d lost an impressive 14 lbs of fat. I gained 12 lbs of lean muscle. Amazing results considering that it was around about this time that previous programs I’d tried, started to peter out. And the water I’d lost during the first week returned.

The Rock Workout Test – Week 4:

The results of the trial were now clearly evident. Since starting a mere 4 weeks ago, I’d built up an amazing 16 lbs of lean muscle mass. With the loss of a further 6 lbs of fat, the body-fat percentage was now in the single-digit figures! Watch out fitness comp, here I come! Needless to say, everyone else here is now trying to get hold of free trials of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x….

Will I continue to use XtremeNO and HyperGH 14x?

Well, I think the results speak for themselves as to the consistent and amazing results of this product. So yes, I will continue to use them. All in all, I really could not be happier with how the trial of Xtreme NO and Hyper GH 14x panned out. In just 4 weeks I’d gained an amazing 16 lbs of lean muscle. All without any special diet and with no severe exercise.

Muscle Supplement

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