The TB 12 Method – The Tom Brady Diet - All The Details!

The TB 12 Method – The Tom Brady Diet – All The Details!

The TB 12 Method – Tom Brady Reveals All

Could he be the best player ever in the NFL?  Many pundits definitely seem to think so! And whether you agree with their opinions, or not, one thing is for certain….

Tom Brady, who recently hit the big four O and is still playing some of the best football in his career, knows a thing or three about fitness and nutrition!  In fact, he’s kept his body so honed and healthy during his long football career that he’s only missed one season.  In 2008, a knee injury kept him on the benches for most of the playing season. Other than that, he’s never missed a significant part of any season due to injury or illness.  That is a record that takes some beating!

How has he achieved this?  His new book The TB 12 Method goes some way towards explaining how his lifestyle and dietary choices have played an important role in getting him to where he is today.

A Healthy Lifestyle And The TB 12 Method Of Eating

The TB 12 Method – The Tom Brady Diet

So is the New England Patriots stalwart a classic example of you are what you eat?

We all know that elite athletes like these guys spend a lot of time working out.  But what’s not so well appreciated is that even the most comprehensive fitness regime is not effective unless supported by a good diet.

And the Tom Brady diet is nothing if not a good diet!  The guy is after all quoted as saying “I could talk food all day.  I love good food.”

According to The TB 12 Method, Tom starts his day by drinking 20 ounces of water.  Straight up, with his special blend of electrolytes added. For most health conscious people, drinking a lot of water is central to their diet.

Indeed, staying hydrated is important for normal bodily functioning.  It also helps flush toxins from the body.  But hydration as per the Tom Brady diet differs because “I add electrolytes to virtually everything I drink.” Except maybe smoothies!

Smoothies As Per The TB 12 Method

Fancy a long cool nutritious smoothie?  Then you’ll likely love the Tom Brady Diet smoothie!  Because “typically, it contains blueberries, bananas, seeds, and nuts.  It’s nutrient dense, high in fat, high in protein, and high in calories.”  Yum!  Tom makes sure he downs one of these straight after his 20 oz glass of electrolyzed water every morning!

The Tom Brady Diet And The Importance Of Electrolytes

Electrolytes are a group of chemicals responsible for carrying and transmitting electrical energy.  The electrolyte chemicals are magnesium, bicarbonate, potassium, sodium and calcium.  They create ions, or electrically charged particles, in body fluids.  This provides the electrical energy needed to regulate muscle and nerve functions.  Amongst many other vital cellular processes.  Most of us get enough electrolytes in our diet if it’s balanced and contains a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.  However, people who are very active often need extra electrolyte supplementation.  Enter electrolyzed sport drinks!  In The TB 12 Method Tom explains that he adds his own electrolyte mix to the majority of his drinks.  Including his protein shakes.

Protein And The Tom Brady Diet

As most people who are right into fitness know, protein is vital for muscle building.  There’s any number of protein powders on the market to help these guys out too.  Tom though has his own proprietary, and self-branded, protein powder.  Once he’s finished his morning workout, or any strenuous bout of exercise, he drinks a protein shake. Within 20 minutes – this bit is very important as Tom explains.  “If you wait any longer, your body will begin seeking its own protein sources and start tearing down muscle you’ve been building up.”

The Right Way To Drink Water According To The TB 12 Method

When he works out, Tom also drinks plenty of water with electrolytes.  In fact, he drinks as much electrolyte-laden water as possible throughout the day.  However, he has an important tip about drinking water.  In fact, it’s one of the four core principles of the Tom Brady diet.  For better digestion, he suggests not consuming water with meals.  “Drinking water with your meals can interfere with good digestion.”  Instead, his advice is to “drink water half an hour before a meal, and then wait an hour before you have your next glass.”

Important Tips From The Tom Brady Diet

Tom’s other important tips as outlined in The TB 12 Method include:

  • Avoid combining proteins and carbs in the same meal. By carbs, he’s referring to things like bread, potatoes, white rice, pasta and so on.  Many of these are “acidifying” foods and the Tom Brady diet is based on alkaline diet principles.  Therefore, he tries to limit consumption of these types of carbohydrates to around 20% of his diet.
  • Combine protein or carbs with vegetables as much as possible. It’s a combination that makes for better digestion.  Tom’s lunch for instance often consists of a piece of fish accompanied by plenty of fresh vegetables.  And for dinner it’s “another nutrient-dense meal that includes a lot of vegetables.”
  • Fruits are best eaten on their own because “they digest quickly. Other foods don’t.”

Healthy Tom Brady Diet Snacks

If you’re a big fan of snacks then you’ll appreciate Tom’s comment “I never go long without snacking”!  However, there’s likely a big difference between Tom’s snacks and what most of us prefer to snack on!  His snacks are nutrient dense and full of the same things he makes his smoothies from.  Fruit like blueberries and bananas, nuts and seeds.  Not the sugar filled, calorie-laden snack bars many of us are want to opt for.  Or he’ll munch on a piece of fruit or some raw vegetables!

To sum up, we’d have to agree with Tom’s philosophy about eating “real foods” and achieving balance.  The TB 12 Method looks set to help more people achieve those goals.

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