The Weight Loss Impasse
Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Impasse

The Seven Most Frequent Reasons Why Your Body Stops Responding to Your Efforts

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know how frustrating it is when the weight loss program you have been following so strictly and that has been so efficient stops showing any results.

If this scenario looks familiar to you, it means that you have been suffering of a weight loss impasse, but do not to despair – this is a natural reaction given by your body to signal that you need to change the established nutrition or training routine, or you need other changes in your lifestyle.

There are basically three aspects that determine the success of a complex weight loss program: the diet, the exercise routine and the lifestyle. If the balance of any of these three factors is upset, the body will react by temporarily suspending visible transformations.

Diet-Related Reasons

  1. Starvation – Reducing the calorie intake too drastically will switch your metabolism into survival mode, which means that the body will try to use every single calorie you eat and transform it into fat deposited on problem areas, such as the hips and the waist.
  2. Improper diet – a healthy diet is extremely important in the process of wait loss, especially if you start an exercise routine. You must not only consume the right amount of calories, but also make sure the food you eat is able to provide your body with the right nutrients. To be able to achieve your training goals and lose weight exactly from the body areas you are targeting, you must transform your eating habits by reducing the carb intake and eating more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins.
  3. Insufficient hydration – sweating eliminates the toxins and the excess fat from our bodies. If you fail to refill your body with water, there is no medium to transport these toxins, so your body will be unable to get rid of the fat as well.

Exercise-Related Reasons

  1. Undertraining – successful training is a dynamic process. If your body gets used to the load, it will stop reacting the way you want it. If the weight loss stops, it can be a sign that you must increase the volume and the intensity of the sessions, or you must change the routine completely and start pursuing other types of activities.
  2. Overtraining – fatigue is another phenomenon that makes your body stop reacting and brings weight loss to a halt. If this is the case with you, simply skip a few sessions, rest and relax for a few days and then go back to your training routine.

The Weight Loss ImpasseLifestyle-Related Reasons

  1. Insufficient sleep – getting the right amount of sleep is essential for the recreation of the body. It is the period when our organs regenerate and it is also the time when the body produces the growth hormones that are responsible for muscle production and muscle growth contributes to weight loss. If you fail to give your body time to regenerate, the resulting hormonal imbalance will stop the weight loss process.
  2. Medication – certain medication like anti-depressants and birth control pills can also contribute to fat retention. If you consider that you are in this situation, consult a medical expert about switching to a different medication.

If you lead a balanced lifestyle, follow an adequate diet, and have the right exercise routine in place, you will be surely able to achieve your weight loss goals and stay healthy at the same time.

The Weight Loss Impasse
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