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There Are Foods That Help Build Muscle Fast

Often you hear about how a lot of athletes put a lot of emphasis on finding just the right workout plan or that perfect supplement to help build muscle. But, it is not just workouts and supplements that help to build muscle, it is also food that plays a big role. Having a proper nutritional plan in place is going to make the difference between gaining pounds of fat and pounds of lean muscle.

There are some really good foods out there that some say will have a huge impact on how fast your will build your muscles and that they have a different quality to them that will help your body to generate more lean muscle. One of those such foods would be peanuts.

One of the secrets of building quality muscle mass is to eat a lot of calorie dense types of foods, and peanuts are one such food. Not only that they are easy to take around with you, they taste really good and just 32 nuts have about 163 calories. They also contain a good amount of protein needed to build muscle and unsaturated fats.

Another highly recommended food for building muscle fast is tuna. Tuna has been recommended by bodybuilders for a couple of reasons. One reason is that again, this is a food that is high in protein and it is also reasonably inexpensive.

There is very little fat in tuna and it contains a variety of omega 3 oil, which is considered an excellent agent to prevent heart disease and it lowers the blood pressure.

Believe it or not, eggs are on this list. They are yet another relatively inexpensive item to add to your diet. When boiled they are very easy to take places with you for a quick snack. They are also very versatile so there are a variety of ways in which you can eat them.

Most importantly though is that they are dense calories, about 70 for each egg. Whatever you do, don’t believe the movies, never eat raw egg yolks.

To some trainers, milk is considered one of the greatest supplements ever in the world of food. Milk is a mixture of carbohydrates, protein and with a minimal amount of fat in it. Not only is milk considered a food but it’s a liquid food that makes it easy to consume and it won’t fill you up as much as a solid food.

However, it gives you the protein source you need to help build muscle as well as bones. It’s also easily mixed with other things like cereal and protein shakes and especially great mixed with the super food, oatmeal.

Let’s not forget pasta. We know that protein is important in building muscle, carbs are also vitally important. The best carbs you can consume would be pasta, preferably whole grain pasta. Potatoes also are a great source for your carbs and they can be cooked in so many different ways, it is probably one of the most versatile foods to help build muscle that’s out there.

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To be continued …

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