Things to Consider if Entering Bodybuilding Contests
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Things to Consider if Entering Bodybuilding Contests

If you think you are ready and you would like to compete in bodybuilding contests then there are some things you should know first.

To compete you must join one of the bodybuilding organizations. This will require picking one and paying a reasonable membership fee.

This will cover you for a year’s membership and allow you to compete in any events they hold.

When picking which group you want to join you must understand that they usually fall into two categories.

They either test their competitors before the bodybuilding contests or they do not. If you have used steroids in the past five years you should join the non-testing group.

You must see exactly what they allow and what they do not allow before making your decision. Often those who have not taken anything that they shouldn’t still want to enter into those bodybuilding contests that do test. This is because they feel that the competition will be harder against those who make take a variety of bodybuilding aids. If this is what you want to do be prepared to see bodybuilders with muscles that may surprise you.

Things to Consider if Entering Bodybuilding ContestsWhen deciding to enter any bodybuilding contests you need to remember that your preparation for this contest will take you a lot of time. You will need to refine your diet, making sure you eat at least six meals a day. You will want to increase your weight training as well as any other activities and exercises that you have been using to bulk up.

Surprisingly one thing that makes a big difference on stage is how deep your tan is. You want to ensure you have a good one even if you have to use tanning products to look that way. The lights will make you look paler and that takes away from your appearance. You will also want to buy yourself a pair of what is called posing trunks. Do not show up in your favorite pair of shorts. No matter how great your body looks no one will take you seriously.

Things to Consider if Entering Bodybuilding Contests
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