Think Yourself Thin
Weight Loss

Think Yourself Thin

It’s fascinating to learn all about the latest on health and weight loss. The Internet, media news stories, and magazines can inform you of the latest healthy foods, bad foods, fattening foods, fattening friends, and more. You can print out recipes and exercise with online programs.

But the bottom line is that they won’t work unless you work your mind in other directions. Reciting a couple of positive, thin-affirming affirmations before each meal or snack is your best weight loss solution. Writing your thin affirmation 10 times every night is stunningly powerful. Eating diet food isn’t.

I’ve coached many weight loss clients and their turning point comes when they start thinking and acting as a thin person. Working only with the tangible aspects of weight loss, such as foods and exercise, guarantees long-term failure. But change your thoughts and you’ll have all the results you want, and possibly more. More, because once you learn how to manage your thoughts, you can change virtually anything in your life.

In my coaching sessions now, I work mostly with thoughts, thinking, and affirmations, and then weave in foods and exercise. I’m putting things in the proper perspective and I want you to do that, too.

Exercise Videos Can Save You Time and Money

Pilates, dance, ballet, yoga—you can find a good video for all of them. I’m loving them. We dropped our membership at the club because the classes were weak, and instead I’m using videos or DVDs for three sessions a week. I’m definitely stronger and more energized. The ones I love the best: anything by Jennifer Kries, some Yoga Zone, and some Stott Pilates.

Truly Successful Organic Skin Care

Yeah! I finally at long last found organic skin care that works. It’s not goopy, weird smelling, or ineffective.

Eminence Organics Skin Care. I especially love their Stone Crop products, but I use others as well.  Find out what works best for you.

Putting the Brakes on the Stress Cycle

Did you know that stress is supposed to, biologically speaking, have a beginning, middle, and end? The beginning is the stimulant: an emergency, fear, moment of panic, or concern. The middle is when adrenaline and cortisol are secreted by our endocrine system. Adrenaline gives us energy, cortisol gives us quick thinking and puts our minds and body on alert. The ending is supposed to be decompression, a phase in which adrenaline and cortisol return to pre-stress levels and we come into balance and relaxation.

But the ideal doesn’t happen much for any of us. The decompression phase doesn’t come often, as our lives are busy and complex. Since it doesn’t come naturally anymore, we need to make it happen. Otherwise, cortisol becomes a tyrant in our bodies and creates such health problems as diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, obesity and weight gain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety. Whew! The list goes on and on. To learn how to decompress daily, check out stress soothers.


Think Yourself Thin
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