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This One Sex Causes Cancer in Brazil

Sex is one of human needs. Many scientific studies mention the health benefits. But, sex can also be perilous, even can lead to deadly diseases like cancer.

Sex is meant here is that sexual activity is not normally done and unnatural, like the act of intercourse with animals. According to a recent report the scientists in Brazil, sexual activity with animals can trigger cases of penile cancer in men.

This report is the result of a study of about 500 men from dozens of cities in Brazil. The fact is, 35 percent of men in the study were having sexual relations with a variety of animal species. The analysis showed, the risk of penile cancer in men with sex “abnormal” is soaring up to 45 percent.

The findings in the study also shows, these men had sex the first time with the animals at an average age of 13.5 years. Types of animals that are victims are cattle, donkeys, goats, and chickens.

But, there is one business that was encouraging. From the investigate revealed that nearly all of Pira who have sex with this animal left the weird habit of it after a normal sexual intercourse with his life partner, that is man.

According to the scientists hypothesized, having sex with animals can lead to cancer because there is a risk of contact with the liquid that berisifat carcinogens. Animals will remove fluid from the anal and mucus that can attach to and enter into the penis through mikroabrasion contact with animals.

“Since ancient times, this habit has been described in folk music, theater, jokes and oral tradition. In some ancient civilizations, there is a temple or ritual devoted to the practice of sex with animals,” said Zequi as reported by LiveScience, and quoted detik health, Tuesday 8 November 2011.

Minor injury to the penis is a risk factor for developing cancer of the penis. And sex with animals is conducted in an intense and long term can cause injury to human penile tissue. Genital mucous membranes of animals have different characteristics from human genitals, and secretions of animals differ from human fluids. It could be animal tissue produces fluid that would be toxic to humans.

This One Sex Causes Cancer in Brazil
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