Tips for Bachelorette Parties Entertainment

Tips for Bachelorette Parties Entertainment

Tips for Bachelorette Parties Entertainment with Male Dancers

There are lots of things that can make a bachelorette party full of fun and entertainment. Some of the things that you can do are hire strippers and buy accessories for the party. Regardless of the state that you are in, you should know where to find the best male entertainers in your area. The good news is that there are tons of companies that can supply male entertainers to your hotel or house of your choice. For more information about bachelorette parties click this link here.

The entertainment that hen parties offer can be lavish productions like what you see on the Broadways. The difference is that the male performers are usually focused on the bride-to-be. They can give her a night of unforgettable fun, exotic performances, and wild entertainment. Make sure to find a company that values audience participation, creates fantasy, and can provide male hunks that are gorgeous and with sense of humor. You can also enjoy a close and personal contact in an intimate setting with one of the male performers.

If you want to know some pieces of information about how to make the male performer stay longer, here are some tips for you.

1. Plan Your Bachelorette Party Well

If you decide to have a male stripper on your friend’s bachelorette party, then find a legitimate company right away. You can arrange for a male stripper to show up a week or a month prior to the party. Note that the closer the date, the more expensive it will be to hire a stripper. If you hire a stripper a night prior to your party, don’t expect that there are a lot of options available out there. You can prepare your bachelorette parties well if you go to websites such as You can ask for available schedules of strippers in your area and the representatives can happily answer any additional questions you might have about what you need in a bachelorette party.

2. Consider the Bride-to-Be’s Preferences

Ask the bride about the physical qualities that she wants to see in a man. Ask her about the body type, eye color, ethnicity, and tattoos that she prefers to see on a male entertainer at the hen party. After all, this will be her last night of enjoying a party as a single woman. Another advantage is that you can ask for a male stripper beforehand and select the one that will likely fit the bill so that you and your friends won’t get disappointed on the day of the party.

3. Agree on the Outfits

Note that male entertainers can go into the party wearing costumes as policemen, doctor, businessmen, and a lot more. This creates a vibe and a theme for the party. Most entertainers prepare outfits for every one of their performances. Ask the company if there are various costumes available during the night.

4. Negotiate the Rates

Tips for Bachelorette Parties Entertainment

When getting a male dancer, you have to be clear of their rates. You have to know how long are they going to perform. Be clear on whether you have to provide their boom boxes or speakers, whether you are the one paying for their travel expenses, and whether they will have extra charges when they are at the party.

It can be beneficial to both parties if the expenses are already agreed at the beginning of a negotiation. There might be extra charges for costumes and additional performances. There might also be a required down payment. If this is the case, then pay using a credit card. Never pay in cash for down payments as there’s a chance that the stripper may not show up.

5. Schedule the Proper Time Accordingly

It is important to plan everything ahead of time. If you hire a stripper three months prior, and it falls on a weekend, he will be able to give you more time and cancel other future plans for that allotted time. Rushed strippers who just want to perform two or three dances are not your ideal bachelorette entertainer. Remember that some of the male entertainers also have plans for the weekend with families and friends. If you hire them when they have something already planned, then you might not experience a relaxing and enjoyable night as the stripper will be rushing to his next appointment.

Tips for Bachelorette Parties Entertainment 2What to Do When You Found the Perfect Stripper

1. Be considerate – Ask the entertainer what he wants to eat and drink. Have a bucket of iced water ready. Although he will pamper every woman at the party especially the bride-to-be, he can also appreciate pampering from his hosts.

2. Don’t grope unless he has given his permission – You might see him as a piece of meat at the party. However, if the stripper already established the rules that he doesn’t want to be groped, then respect it. That will make a fun-filled night where no awkwardness is present. Groping him can even lead to an early exit.

3. Give Him Plenty of Tips – Dancers are there to make money. Although his goal is to make every woman enjoy the party, it is no secret that his entertainment is still considered as a job. If you tip him well, he will stay longer and he will be motivated to perform.

4. Include Friends who Know How to Enjoy the Night – A stripper can feed on the enthusiasm of the crowd. It can be easier to perform if he knows that everyone is enjoying the show. Include friends that are open to these types of hen parties. Choose the ones who are comfortable interacting with a male stripper on close-up.

5. Just Have Fun – A bachelorette party should be a night of wild, fun, and energetic crowd. There should be plenty of positive energy circulating around for a male stripper and the women to enjoy. Everyone should have a blast since this is a party. If everyone had great fun, then your party is a successful one!

The Bottom Line

There are do’s and don’ts that you should do when hiring a stripper. The important thing is that they show up on the party and give entertainment to everyone present. You can start your own party by contacting the right company. You can discuss the rules that you should keep when hiring one of their strippers. You also get to choose the right stripper who is perfect for your party.