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Was the Saquon Barkley Todd Gurley workout one of the most talked about celebrity exercise videos to hit social media this past season? Probably, and for good reason. It features some pretty amazing exercise routines that many, of not most, other footie players would be hard pressed to emulate. That’s if they wanted to of course! Many probably wouldn’t have.

What do Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants and Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams have in common? Quite apart from the fact that they’re both running backs, they also feature in one of the most eyebrow raising exercise videos we’ve yet seen. And we’ve seen our fair share of those over the years. Ah, the joys of social media!

Latest Todd Gurley Workout Video Something Special

Todd Gurley Workout - 3This is the training video that shows the pair of them dead lifting 315 pounds. On its own that’s an impressive feat right there. But when it’s followed immediately by 42-inch box jumps it becomes even more impressive. Those jumps aren’t for the fainthearted either.

To add insult to injury for those of us who aren’t fit enough to dead lift 15 pounds, let along 315, they then headed for a sprint on the treadmill. Where most of us were exhausted just looking at the video, it’s just a normal day’s training for this pair!

Mind you, we were probably watching the end result of many days spent perfecting their routine. Chances are that if the footage had been taken when they first started this routine, they would have only been half as impressive. Then again, that’s still far better than most of us can do so full kudos to the boys.

Todd Gurley Workout Seems To Be Getting The Right Results

Todd Gurley Workout - 1Has this Saquon Barkley Todd Gurley workout worked? If their on field performances are anything to go by that would have to be a yes. Gurley already has one NFC Offensive Player of the Week award to his credit and the season is still youngish. Saquon Barkley is only in his first year as a pro player and is already making a huge impression. On and off the field. His physique is one of the most head turning in the league. So yes, it’s a fair call to say their insane workout has worked! But you probably shouldn’t try it at home yourself.

We have found that (as we like to refer to them) Todd Gurley Workout Supplements are wholly legitimate. There’s nothing sinister about them at all.

Sure, Todd Gurley works out like mad but it’s this top secret addition to his daily diet that looks to be helping him maintain the power and the strength he requires to remain at the very top of his game. Here is the report on our findings ….

To be continued …

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