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Tom Brady has a few years under his belt, a belt that has also seen a lot of Tom Brady workout routines. He has also put a lot of what he knows, and does, into a book. We thought we’d take a quick peak at how the champion New England quarterback keeps himself so fit. Season after season. After all, 5 Super Bowl wins, all of them for the Patriots, is a record no other NFL player has equaled. Although to be fair one other player has won as many, just not all for the same team.

What Is Involved In The Tom Brady Workout?

Tom Brady Workout - 3Tom Brady celebrated his big 4Oh in 2017. In honor of the momentous occasion he released a book about his fitness and health philosophies. OK, so we don’t really know if it was in honor of his 40th birthday. Maybe it was just a co-incidence! Regardless, his book ‘The TB12 Method’ has generated a lot of interest in Tom Brady, his diet, and his fitness regime.

So what is the Tom Brady workout? Three words – strength training, and massage. It’s all about something he calls ‘muscle pliability’. Muscle pliability is ensuring muscles can withstand and absorb impacts correctly by keeping them supple, flexible and strong. This is done with exercises that lengthen and soften them whilst at the same time strengthening them.

Muscles can significantly help reduce stress and strain on structural tissues like ligaments and tendons. They act like shock absorbers by distributing impacting forces more evenly throughout the area. If muscles are too dense, or tight and stiff, they can’t do this anywhere nearly as effectively. Therefore, when a high impacting force is received, as in a heavy tackle or hit, a lot more of the impact force is passed onto the structural tissues. These tissues then get injured.

The Tom Brady Workout Routine Clearly Works

Tom Brady Workout - 2Tom is living proof that muscle pliability works. Where most athletes his age are starting to slow down, he isn’t. He hasn’t missed a season with injuries since he started incorporating this training into his workout routine. A couple of injuries he did have years ago did not ultimately require surgery, thanks to pliability training. He hasn’t been troubled them since either.

Another thing TB incorporates into his workout routine is plenty of work with resistance bands. Where some footballers focus on strength training, he doesn’t. He does enough to maintain the strength he requires for his job. The majority of the rest his workout is resistance training using bands. Why bands? Because they are a great way to build power and put muscles through a complete series of motions. The end result is a champion player, still going strong even after 40, and looking like he still has many good years left yet.

It would appear that (as we like to refer to them) Tom Brady Workout Supplements are legal. There is nothing sinister about them at all.

Sure, Tom Brady does work out like crazy but it’s this secret addition to his daily diet that appears to be aiding him in maintaining the strength and the power he needs to stay at the very top of his game. Here is the account of our findings …

To be continued …

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