Top 5 Diets for Healthy Weight Loss
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Top 5 Diets for Healthy Weight Loss

Diets and exercise go hand in glove for weight loss actually

The exercise has to support your diet if you want to see consistent results in terms of weight loss. There are two different kinds of diets. The first kind is the diet aims at reducing the carbohydrates and the calories intake. This kind of diet will promote a faster weight loss and not necessarily a healthy one.

You can lose weight very fast, but it is easier to gain the weight back.  The effects of such diets are not very long lasting and only act as temporary fixes. The second kind of diet is consistent and slow and ahs to be maintained for a life time. It is not something that finishes in five or ten weeks.

Every diet is made up of right food choices. Based on which the top diets will have the top food choices in its list. They need not essentially avoid the carbohydrates.

Every single form of nutrition like protein, vitamins, and minerals are available in different kinds of foods. Choosing those foods is a difficult task. If you can get a ready made diet that is healthy and walks you through the selection, then you are lucky.

Every diet only tells you what you should eat. However the key to planning a diet is to understand what is good for you.

Top 5 Diets for Healthy Weight LossA top diet will suggest a sensible carbohydrate reduction in your foods. For example white bread, pasta, rice and refined flour should be avoided. They have a tendency to increase your appetite and slow down the metabolism. A good diet will suggest frequent meals and in lesser quantity.

The ultimate diet will comprise of 30% liquids and 70% food. Out of this 70%, 45% is made up of proteins, 10% is made up of fibers, 10% with fruits and 5% with carbohydrates.

Instead of following a ready made diet like Atkins for example, plan a diet that suits your individual body needs.

Plan a breakfast that is rich in proteins.

These are the food choices:

  • Protein shakes
  • Egg whites with vegetables
  • Chicken breast (baked)
  • Fish

Finish the breakfast with handful of nuts like almonds, flaxseeds and walnuts.

Typically the best time to have breakfast is after a workout at the gym.

The ideal way to have lunch is divide t into two portions.

  • The first portion should be a vegetable sandwich without any mayonnaise or anything that has fat.
  • The second portion should be made up of a fruit salad or a vegetable salad.

Give at least a two hour break between the two portions.

Similarly even dinner should be divided into two portions.

Repeat a fruit or a salad and for the second portion have one small piece of chicken or a ham sandwich.

The important thing is to stick to the diet plan. Do not keep changing the ingredients of the diet plan.  Always have a diet chart hanging in the kitchen so that you know what to expect for dinner or breakfast.

Top 5 Diets for Healthy Weight Loss
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