Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Take in Soda in Moderation

Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Take in Soda in Moderation

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Soda is one of the all-time favorite beverages. Most of us have grown drinking caffeinated sodas. Soda is popular among all walks of life. Most dieters prefer diet soda as their constant companion when doing their workout routine since it is a perfect low-calorie drink for them. However, drinking too much of it may put our health at risk of developing serious problems.

Although most diet sodas offer zero calories, these drinks might give your body some serious health problems. Diet sodas received a number of negative feedback in the market. Some of its contents  such as caffeine and artificial sweeteners may have negative effects on the body. According to studies, too much  intake of these may cause various illnesses and conditions such as the following:


Diet soda contains caffeine. Caffeine is a potent diuretic that excretes water out of the body.  Too much caffeine in the body can cause depletion of body fluids.  Dehydration occurs as a result of excreting large amounts of fluid.  People with dehydration manifest various symptoms, such as headache, body weakness, constipation, inattentiveness, bad breath, poor skin turgor, and dry skin. Rehydration is the best solution to this problem. Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day to avoid dehydration.

Damage of Tooth Enamel

Drinking soda frequently contributes decaying of teeth. The sugar content of the soda can erode tooth enamel, which is the main barrier of the teeth against decay. Phosphoric and citric acid on some sodas also contribute to the erosion of tooth enamel, leading on tooth decay. Prevent the development of tooth decay. Visit your dentist for a regular check-up. Use straw when drinking soda. Brush your teeth right after drinking diet soda. If possible, avoid drinking too much soda.

Weight Gain

Diet soda might not give you calories. Studies show that drinking high amounts of soda increases the risk of becoming obese. Obesity has been associated with diet soda. There are certain assumptions claiming that diet soda could raise the risk of gaining more weight. This is because it could encourage binge eating resulting in eventual weight gain. Others assumptions think that diet soda could create confusion to the body and the way it should function. This confusion in metabolism might lead to weight gain as well.


Drinking soda has unfortunate effects on our bones, as well. Phosphorus contents in the soda can cause faster excretion of calcium in the body. Calcium is inversely proportional to phosphorus. The more phosphorus one has in the body, the lesser the calcium that is retained in it. This also accounts for the studies that diet soda increases the tendency towards broken bones.

Kidney Damage

According to research, a thirty percent drop of kidney function was seen on people who drink at least two servings of diet soda daily.  Therefore, people who drink diet soda might experience severe kidney damage than those who drink regular soda. The alteration of normal function of kidneys is evident to those who had health problems already, such as hypertension, and diabetes.

In general, sodas are not safe to drink. People addicted to soda are vulnerable in developing health problems. It is not easy to remove soda in one’s daily diet. If you are one of them, drink soda in minimum amounts, just to relieve your cravings for it. Continue living a healthy life. Hydrate yourself throughout the day. Eat a healthy meal. Continue your regular workout. Living a healthy life and well disciplined life will protect you from acquiring different health problems in the latter time.

Top Reasons Why Everyone Should Take in Soda in Moderation
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