Ten Easy Tips to help Active People transition to Raw Food
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Ten Easy Tips to help Active People transition to Raw Food

Famous proverb; “What you don’t know can’t hurt you..” but what I say is what you do know can be the difference between standing in the back of the line and achieving your greatest potential especially when that difference is between transitioning to a raw food diet being stressful and frustrating to feeling excited and powerful.

So here you are, your training 4-5 times a week, have an active lifestyle and eat your typical conventional American diet. You feel tired, over-worked and probably even malnourished. The change is now.  You hear about how great people feel on raw food and want to transition but your afraid it might be too difficult. Your not sure where to start. Here are ten very simple tips to help you ease into make your transition to having better health.

1. EAT 6-7 MEALS A DAY. This is more often said then done in all fitness forums. But the truth behind this idea is by providing your body with a constant supply of calories through the day you help rave up your metabolic rate to use the calories as energy instead of fat and giving you energy all day long. You also provide a great amount of constant nutrients running through your body to help in the muscle building process as well as other bodily functions.

2. DON’T GO COLD TURKEY IN ONE DAY. Don’t completely subtract your habit foods one shot but start by adding the good food in and as time goes slowly incorporate more greens then what you are use to eating. This way you are less likely to falter and crash and burn. You will feel the difference quickly as you slowly make the switch.

3. LEARN TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  It seems as if the norm in dieting and bodybuilding has always been to count your calories and in take of protein.  Don’t worry about all that fuss over nothing. Eat until your satisfied.  If you feel full and your body is telling you your done, then listen.  Too much can have negative effects on your body and the digestive system. Store the rest for later. You should be eating less and more through the day, not the other way around.

4. PLAN AHEAD. Seriously, that’s it.  Write down everything you want to try within cost and prepare it early, store and have more time later to do other things such as mediating and reading or hanging with your new raw friends.

5. POST TRAINING MEALS IS CRUCIAL. This notion hasn’t changed by going raw.  Your body needs simple fast digesting carbohydrates and amino acids to to replenish the glyocgen stores that have been depleted by training and to increase your protein synthesis and water uptake. Plan a head, number 4.

6. KEEP A JOURNAL.  It’s kinda of a trainer’s moto.  But a journal makes sense, for so many reason; keep track not only of your progression in the weight room, right down how you feel, mood, strength, hunger, food, sleep patterns as sleep is very essential to training, what food responds well for you. Is one day different then the other, check back and see what you did different.  A Journal keeps you more aware of what your eating.

7. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES. Yes, this may seem a little obvious and ridiculous from a raw food body-builder.  But in the world of body building this is the most overlooked component of bodybuilding nutrient.  Bodybuilders are so wrapped up in protein that muscle building nutrients found in greens seem to always skip their groceries list.

8. DON’T ABUSE YOUR PROTEIN.  Do not make the mistake of thinking you need more protein now that your not eating animal protein.  The truth is very much the opposite. Your eating a constant stream of amino acids found in living foods. Listen to your body not the guys throwing weights all over the place.

9. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  Many people neglect to understand how important water is in our existence.  As athletes and trainers, water is constantly helping to move nutrients through our bloodstream and muscle cells.  In life, water is the very essence of our existence and is directly responsible with every function in our body.

10. HAVE FUN.  This is the biggest tip I can give you.  Enjoy this process and love doing it.  If you choice to go into this process with any doubt or negative energy, your body will respond with negative energy.  Remember your doing this because you want greater living energy that in essence is the foundation of having the greatest life ever. Fun, fun, fun…

Ten Easy Tips to help Active People transition to Raw Food
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