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It’s called the Bunkie and it’s an integral part of the Travis Kelce workout routine. Essentially, the Bunkie is about assessing core strength, something Travis believes is the ‘core’ of his strength as a player. Like he says, having the strongest legs and arms Travis Kelce Workout- 1out there won’t do anyone much good if their core is weak. So he makes a point of doing a series of exercise routines that build up this core strength of his.  Ultimately, this is a large part of what makes him the outstanding player that he is.

Travis Kelce is fast, strong and big. He’s the type of tight end other players like to avoid, and most teams want on their team. He can outpace most linebackers, and his size intimidates most defensive backs. His upper body is strong, his lower body powerful but his real strength lies in his core. So back to the Bunkie and the various exercises he uses to build his core.

The Bunkie Test Vital Component In Travis Kelce Workout

The Bunkie is one of the best ways to highlight any core weaknesses. It involves 5 different isometric holds that test 5 particular facial body lines. These are the anterior and posterior power lines; and the medial, lateral and posterior stabilizing lines. When an athlete has what is referred to as a balanced, neutral fascia they can hold each of these isometric holds in perfect form for 30 – 45 seconds at a time. If they have problems with any of them it indicates a core weakness in that particular fascia line. And that can lead to injuries.  Therefore, by performing a Bunkie test an athlete can assess if, and where, they have core weaknesses and then work on exercises to rectify it.

Travis Kelce Workout- 2One of the other notable features about Travis Kelce is his ability to work with whatever exercise equipment is lying around. Not for him the fancy, latest workout gadgetry. He’s pretty old school in this respect. Give him a bench, a few dumbbells, and a squat rack, and he’s good to go.

Travis Kelce Workout Very Much Old School

A typical Travis Kelce workout in the gym includes 3 sets of each of the following: 10 back squat reps, 8 bench press reps, 10 Dumbbell RDL reps, 8 bicep curls reps, and 8 dumbbell skull crusher reps. And the result? A tight end that is one of the best in the NFL and is also serving as an inspiration to the younger players coming up through the Kansas City Chiefs ranks. He’s also a pretty handy basketball player!

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