How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes In 3 Simple Steps

How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes In 3 Simple Steps!

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How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes In 3 Simple StepsCurrent medical practices rely on medication as the primary treatment for managing and controlling diabetes. But you have to ask, “Is this really the MOST effective way to treat type 2 diabetes or is there a better alternative?”

The fact is, most treatments for type 2 diabetes utilize drugs that either raise insulin or lower blood sugar…the result is that typical (conventional) medical treatment for diabetes contributes to the horrible side effects (gastric ulcers, gastric bleeding, bloating, heart complications, weight gain, liver damage, kidney failure) and the shortened lifespan that many diabetics experience.

Diabetes medications used to control blood sugar do NOT fix the diabetes itself, but rather just regulate blood sugar and mask the symptoms of diabetes. The longer you rely on diabetes medications, the stronger your body’s dependence is for them to control blood sugar and the more difficult it becomes for your body regulate sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

ALL diabetes medications just substitute one complication for another. For example: you take the oral medication ‘glipizide’ to control your blood sugar, the trade off is a high probability of liver damage down the road.

Something to keep in mind… NO diabetes medication has EVER stopped, reversed, or cured ANYONE of type 2 diabetes.

What IS type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is a special kind of disease. It is a “lifestyle disease”, which is brought on by the daily choices you make. It is a result of poor dietary habits (junk/processed foods and fast food) and factors like stress and limited activity.

The poor eating habits, stress, and sedentary lifestyle results in oxidative stress that leads to inflammation within the body. The build up of inflammation becomes chronic inflammation, that eventually leads to many disease states, type 2 diabetes being one of them.

Diabetes is the lifestyle disease of the 21st century. It affects over 300 million plus people worldwide and that number continues to grow due to our poor lifestyle practices.

Since it is a “lifestyle disease” that was caused by the life you’ve lead and the choices you’ve made, it can be stopped and reversed by making new choices in your life. If you want to reverse diabetes starting NOW… you must make new and BETTER lifestyle choices NOW (not tomorrow or next week or new years).

3 Simple steps to treat type 2 diabetes

Step 1:Lose the extra fat. Your abdominal fat (or visceral adipose fat) is contributing to your diabetes. Abdominal fat is the most strongly correlated with diabetes and heart disease risk factors. Carrying extra weight has been shown to significantly increase insulin resistance and the development of high blood pressure.

If your waist circumference is >40 inches for men and >35 for women, you are putting your self at risk for further diabetic complications, or of developing diabetes if you don’t have it.

The starting point for weight loss begins with diet and exercise.

Step 2: Eat a proper diabetic diet. You want to make a majority of your meals high in vitamins and nutrients, while limiting toxins and processed chemicals. This can be done by including large portions of raw or steamed vegetables, high quality pastured or organic meats and seafood, and consume high amounts of omega-3 rich foods like wild sockeye salmon, sardines, or olive oil.

You want to limit fruit and dairy intake since they contain natural sugars, which will affect your blood sugar levels. Also, eliminate any processed, pre-packaged, boxed, or ready-made foods from your life, they are stuffed with unhealthy ingredients, chemicals, and have little to no nutritional value.

Part of proper diabetic diet should also include adequate amounts of water. It helps to regulate your blood sugars, helps with weight loss, digestion, carry oxygen to all your cells, flushes out waste products, and a few dozen other functions. You should be making it a point to drink more water. Aim for 2 gallons a day.

Step 3:Exercise. Recognized as one of the most effective treatments in preventing and treating type 2 diabetes.  Exercise helps to burn excess energy (stored fat) during the activity and increases your sluggish metabolism, helping you burn more energy long after you workout.

Exercise also helps to improve insulin resistance, insulin production, and glucose metabolism, thus helping to control your blood sugar and reduce your chance of diabetic complications.

Start by working out 20-30 minutes per day, using moderate to low intensity exercises – walking, light jogging, biking. As your body adapts to the physical stress of exercise, start adding other activities like strength training (exercising with weights or resistance) to help build muscle and endurance or yoga to build strength and flexibility. Also increase your workout times to 30-45 minutes.

The point here is you just want to pick something you enjoy that gets your body moving and start doing it.

Combining these 3 simple steps together, you are almost guaranteed to improve your diabetes and your overall health.  You will eventually be able to wean off using drugs to control your diabetes and avoid their nasty side effects (plus save a ton of money in doctor’s visits and prescriptions.)

Let me leave you with this:

Healthy food, exercise, and weight loss HAS been PROVEN to stop, treat, and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally without the use of drugs.

How To Treat Type 2 Diabetes In 3 Simple Steps!
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