Causes of a Sore Throat - 12 Options for Treating Sore Throats
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Causes of a Sore Throat – 12 Options for Treating Sore Throats

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Treating Sore Throats: Causes of a sore throat can be viral, bacterial, a post-nasal drip, dryness because of artificially heated air or dryness due to a period of breathing with the mouth open.

Most are the result of “self-limiting symptoms” that your own body, with a little supportive help, can heal on its own.
If the sore throat is accompanied by swallowing difficulties, breathing difficulties or swollen tonsils, fever, or rashes and fever there is little or no alternative to modern medical treatments. So in each case consult your medical practitioner before diving into self-treatment.

Options for Treating Sore Throats

TEA TREE OIL: A useful gargle. Take no more than 2-3 drops per quarter glass of water. This oil has a reputation for fairly fast bactericidal action against a wide range of organisms. It is effective against some viral conditions (no scientific research out yet), mildly anaesthetic and has exceptional penetrating powers.

C-ZINC LOZENGES: At the first sign of a dry throat that you suspect may develop into a cold or worse, suck a lozenge 3 or 4 times that day and feel the difference. The zinc combines with vitamin C and is said to go straight to the site. This appears to be the good news. In three years, it’s never failed me

BELLADONA: Within the first 24 hours, go the belladonna route because that’s its best time of action.

ACONITE: When there is a sudden onset accompanied by a high fever. If you’re a person who is generally thirsty, reach for this one as early as possible

ARSENICUM: Don’t be put off by its real common name, arsenic. It Isn’t likely to kill you on correct application. When you experience a burning sensation in the throat and find warm (not cold) drinks relieve the pain, go this route.

RHUS TOX: If arsenicum isn’t getting you off the hook, alternate with rhus tox (more commonly known as poison ivy), particularly if you are of a weepy, anxious, irritable disposition.

LYCOPODIUM: Sometimes a sore throat starts on the right hand side of the area and spreads across If you feel a need for fresh air and the throat is worse in the late afternoon and early evening, look for Ivcopodium as soon as possible.

LACHESIS: If the pain starts on the left and appears to move to the right, use this instead of Ivcopodium.

HEPAR SULPHUR: If there is a severe infection in the throat area, pus has formed and tonsils may be swollen, then first consult your medical practitioner to check this one out.

APIS: Use this when there is no feeling of thirst and the throat, tonsils and tongue are enlarged as if swollen by water, or the pain is stinging in nature.

PHYTOLACCA: When the throat area is dark red or purplish, the glands swollen, the body (even the tongue) aches and yon feel cold and shivery, check out this remedy.

SULPHUR: When the sore throat doesn’t seem to respond, appetite diminishes, thirst increases and the breath becomes a little offensive, you are probably looking sulphur in the face.

This may seem a large armory, which is why it’s important to seek proper professional help.

One way of knowing whether you have chosen or been recommended the correct product is to test whether individual symptoms improve without you feeling worse overall. If this happens, you’re likely to be on the wrong path. If this recurs, it’s best to wait for 10 to 12 hours before trying another medicine. As soon as improvement is clearly established, stop taking the medicine and set your mind at rest.

Causes of a Sore Throat – 12 Options for Treating Sore Throats
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