How to Trim off a Few Pounds for a Swimwear Photo Shoot
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How to Trim off a Few Pounds for a Swimwear Photo Shoot

With the pressure to look trim and toned in the fashion industry today, there are few more daunting assignments than taking on a swimwear shoot. As Victoria Secret models take center stage with their svelte figures in their teeny bikinis, they’ve set the bar very high for everyone who follows in their footsteps.

Not only do photographers and agents now expect a similar standard of all their models, models expect it of themselves. Ensuring you’re showing up at your assignment looking your best also means that you’ll be feeling your best, and that shows through as confidence in your finished photographs.

Eating right

One of the biggest ways to have an impact on the way you look in your swimwear shoot is to ensure you’re eating the right things to give your best appearance. There are plenty of different kinds of food that can cause you to bloat, gain weight and more quickly lay down fat than others.

Eating lean protein and leafy green vegetables is a good start to getting your body working right with the fuel you’re giving it. Cutting out simple carbohydrates such as processed white bread, pasta and rice can make a big difference in terms of bloating and also stops your blood sugar from spiking and falling. These spikes in blood sugar cause surges of insulin, the role of which is to turn excess sugar to fat for later use. It also prevents fat from being burned as fuel which, if you’re trying to lose a few centimeters, is counterproductive.

Taking care of your body

Regular exercise is good at any time, but particularly when you’re looking to get your body in shape. Aerobic exercise such as walking, running, dancing and spinning are the type of workout that will burn excess fat and help you trim the bits of you that have a higher percentage of fat.

If you want to tone up, strength training is also important. Lifting some weights can help build your lean muscle mass, but take care not to overdo it as you’ll end up bulking up in a different way. Exercise classes such as yoga and Pilates can also help tone your muscles and give you a lean look.

One of the side benefits of strength-building exercises is that they give your body a higher resting metabolism. The greater degree of lean muscle mass your body has, the greater its potential for using your fat reserves even when you’re at rest. So you’ll look great and burn more fat. It’s win-win!

A little help

If you’re up against a short deadline and want to shed a few pounds or centimeters ahead of a photo-shoot booked in the next week or two, you might want to take a little assistance from some of the products available on the market to assist your own efforts. Diuretics can help with shifting some of the excess water that you carry on your body and make the difference between the strings on your bikini digging in and a smooth, sleek outline.

There are also products like Beach Body Drops which use naturally occurring amino acids to boost metabolism and, when used with a carefully crafted calorie-controlled diet can bring about dramatic weight loss results in short periods of time. Combining these with exercise can yield even more spectacular results and can get you where you want to be in a very short time.


When you’re faced with a photo-shoot and you want to feel your best, there are several ways you can shed a few pounds and tone up your body to make sure you can show up to your assignment with confidence.

How to Trim off a Few Pounds for a Swimwear Photo Shoot
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