Turbulence Training Review

Turbulence Training Review

A Quick Fat Burning and Muscle Building Program

Turbulence Training ReviewToday, it is extremely difficult to find a training program that works for every individual; advanced, intermediate and beginner. This is because most of the fitness programs available in the market are basically aimed at two types of individuals; those trying to push their fitness to the next level and the total newbie. There is nothing created for those individuals who frequently visit the gym and restrict themselves from certain diet but still aren’t as fit as they desire and are not ready to move to advanced workout.

In addition, most of the training programs found in the market these days insist on cardio, fat burning supplements and restricted diet. Unfortunately, research has shown that cardio affect your body’s ability to burn fat. This is because cardio exercises cause immense oxidative damage which results to muscle burning instead of muscle building. If you are looking for a program that will prevent muscle burning, increase your fat burning ability and move you to the next level of training, then try a Turbulence Training program by Craig Ballantyne. Turbulence Training is a weight loss workout program designed for anyone of any level and which does not put restriction on your diet.

What is Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne is a bodyweight fitness program that takes a fairly unique approach to muscle building, weight loss and general body fitness. This is a revolutionary new weight loss workout system designed for all busy men and women. Turbulence Training program focuses mainly on delivering the best results within the shortest time possible. It teaches young men and women with children and busy life how to burn fat without doing any cardio exercises and at the same time eating cheese burger. This is because the program has been designed from a short burst workout system, a system scientifically known to help people burn fat 100 times more quickly than when doing cardio.

Craig Ballantyne who is a man behind this program is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who have advanced experience in health and fitness. Apart from Craig helping athletes get in shape, he is also a writer for magazines such as Women’s Fitness, Men’s health and Oxygen. His many years of experience in Fitness Industry made him to understand how many individuals destroy their fat burning ability by spending much of their time doing treadmills and other cardio exercises.

A look at Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training program is a simple manuscript that has little in the way of graphics or art. Instead, the program has well organized information in form of text that helps you to clearly follow all the training and nutrition instructions provided. Craig’s program starts with a typical disclaimer that advice you to first check your doctor to evaluate your health. This is because the program is a unique burst workout system that will push your body to the next level of muscle development and weight loss. For this reason, the program advises you to check your doctor first if you have a health issue.

From the disclaimer, the author moves straight to nutrition. Interestingly about this program, you do not need to follow your strict diet or take shipload of fat burning supplements. Instead, Craig provides some of the healthy and unhealthy foods you need to consume or avoid to remain lean and build muscles. Some of the good foods listed include low fat diary, water, green tea, organic foods, fiber-rich snacks, lean proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruits. Some of the bad food choices you need to avoid according to the program include sweet treat and candies, processed foods, chips, cookies and snacks, starchy carbs, coffee and soft drinks, anything fried or fatty and refined flour products.

Turbulence Training exercise list

Turbulence Training comes with a list of amazing exercises to perform in each weight loss workout. In addition, the program explains how to perform and complete the exercises through 4 circuits of 2 exercises each in every workout. According to Craig, each exercise provided should take you 15 and 30 seconds to complete without resting between each exercise. To be able to perform all the exercises, it is important to obtain the program and go through all the provided instructions carefully and follow them.

Bonus guide
When you obtain a Turbulence Training program, you will have an access of 4 valuable bonuses.
1. 24-Hour Home Workout: This guide will train you how to burn fat within the shortest time possible. The guide comes with videos which show you how Craig Ballantyne burn fat and accumulate muscles quickly
2. The Turbulence Training Program: The program provides you with routine plan on how to schedule your workout. It is based on 12-week workout routine
3. The Turbulence Training Guide: The guide shows you how to perform the provided exercises and how to perform Turbulence Training workouts along with your favorite workouts.
4. The Turbulence Nutrition Plan: The guide provides you with easy to follow nutrition plan which will maximize your fat burning ability

Pros of Turbulence Training

• One needs to perform the exercises only three times a week
• The workout can be done from the comfort of your home
• One of the best ways to lose weight and gain muscles
• Increases overall strength
• Proven to burn fat
• The provided workouts last lesser than an hour
• No traditional cardio involved

Cons of Turbulence Training program

• The short burst exercises provided may be difficult to complete especially if you are a beginner
• The program does not provide an option of including these workouts into a DVD. This provides you with only an option of downloading the complete program.

Personal verdict

Turbulence program by Craig Ballantyne is a weight loss workout program that facilitates quick fat burning and muscle building in just 90 minutes per week. All the short burst exercises provided have scientifically been shown to facilitate muscle building and fat burning 100 times much faster than cardio exercises.


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