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Does Tyreek Hill need to refine the Tyreek Hill workout to improve his route running abilities? Even though the speedy Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver was, until recently, the fastest man in the NFL, or at least since NextGen stats started in 2016, some sources felt his route running abilities could do with some work.

Tyreek Hill Workout – Does It Need To Develop His Route Running Abilities?

In high school, Tyreek Hill was known as a track and field star rather than for football. To put his abilities into perspective – at the Golden South Classic he ran the 200 meters in 20.14 seconds. That would have been fast enough to earn him 6th place in the 200 meters final at the London Olympics! He really is that good a sprinter.

Tyreek Hill Workout - 3However, he was an extremely good football player too. He started playing whilst only young and it’s probably fair to surmise his running speed on the field likely led to him taking up track as well. He could bench press 345 pounds so was both strong and fast. These attributes led to a series of track and football scholarship offers from some big schools, Florida State, LSU and Georgia amongst them.

Unfortunately, his grades let him down for colleges like Georgia, leading him to ultimately sign with Garden City Community College in Kansas instead to play football and run track. He justified their faith in offering him the scholarship by doing both and ending up as a top JUCO recruit for the following season. A flurry of offers from top schools like USC, Alabama, Florida State, Texas, and Oklahoma State followed.

Tyreek chose Oklahoma State, attracted by their excellent facilities and fast paced offence. He immediately made an impression on both the track and the football field, contributing to Oklahoma State’s excellent athletics and football season. However, his off-field behavior was about to have a dramatic affect on his sporting career.

It seems Tyreek also had a temper and anger management issues. These led to a physical altercation with his then pregnant girlfriend that got him arrested for assault and battery. He was immediately dismissed from Oklahoma’s track and football teams. Hill received a 3 year probation on condition he attended anger-management classes and a 12 month batterer’s program. After that, few schools were willing to take a chance on him even though a requirement of his probation was that he either attended college or worked full-time. One exception was West Alabama, whose coach was eventually swayed by this requirement enough to give him a chance. This probably saved his football career!

Tyreek Hill Workout Sends Him To 2019 Pro Bowl And All-Pro

Tyreek Hill Workout - 1After a good year with West Alabama, the Chiefs unexpectedly picked him up in the 2016 NFL Draft. As history now records, he has more than justified their faith in him, going on to become one of their most valuable players and setting several club records. His blazing speed and strength have made him a standout player generally. He appears to have taken notice of his ‘route running’ critics though. A recently released a training video of the Tyreek Hill workout clearly shows him working on doing just that.

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